Nutrisystem is that popular diet program that focuses on portion-controlled diet plan made easy through prepackaged foods delivered to your doorstep. There are varieties of this program that is targeted for men, women, seniors, vegetarians and people with type 2 diabetes. Their meal is more on lean protein and carbohydrates that have low glycemic index like those coming from vegetables and whole grains. In addition, there are pre-packaged foods, fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairies and lean proteins coming from the grocery stores as part of the added meal plan.

During its conception of Nutrisystem in 1970 it started out as liquid protein diet but it evolved into what it is today as heat-and-eat meal delivery service towards the 1990s. The diet’s principle takes into account that it is easier to lose weight if you don’t do the planning of your meal and do the preparing too. Since it is provided as packed meal, you are left with little choices bringing you to a weight-loss.

The Plan and the level of service:

• Basic: for this, the Turbo 13 is provided with portion controlled meals with access to trackers and online tools.

• Core: Still the Turbo 13 plan is used to start, controlled portions, access to trackers and online tools with diet counselors to call for questions and clarifications.

• The Uniquely Yours plan: Also the same start up with the core but with the inclusion of Nutrisystem’s frozen food.

The Inner workings

With Nutrisystem, they have provisions for different dieters programs and the different budget scales. They also provide programs separately for men and another for women. They even have for vegetarians, seniors and those with type 2-diabetes. Through each program, one can choose the meal and they are good to go with your diet plan.

What the expert review showed?

Nutrisystem Food Reviews being a meal delivery program focus mainly on eating real food (not shakes and bars). However, since it is real food, the cost is higher than other diet meals and their portions are rather small. If someone continues to rely on delivery service for their meals, then this is unsustainable for most people while long term eating habits cannot be learned through this.
Also at a research published in the ‘Annals of Internal Medicine’ dieters who followed the regiment lost an average of 3.80% more that the loss of a group taking nutritional education and counseling.

Another research also showed that an early weight loss can help people stick to the weight loss program like Nutrisystem for a longer term. Like those with 100 pounds or more weight drop.


After taking your choice of plan your food will then be delivered to your home. If you prefer auto delivery you need to continue to pay for and receive orders every for weeks until cancellation of subscription is initiated.

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