"The answers to fundamental questions are not in the details of how
Things happen, but in short, the consequences of behavior. "


to. The universe does not contain everything that exists.

yes. It was created for a reason. It has a task and a purpose. It is a time / space tool.

C. Gravity is not an attractive force between bodies; it is the reduction of space, inversely to the lengthening of its co-function, time.

re. Black holes are not sites of tremendous gravitational forces. They are the opposite, the condition where all forces are disappearing.

me. The universe will not continue to expand or collapse in on itself; it will just turn off. It is already happening.

F. The end product of the universe is equilibrium, the pre-existing non-physical state that triggered its prescribed operation in the beginning.


Physics, as practiced today, is a scientific superstition. Born of the same human intrigues that drove ancient explorers, modern astrophysicists today are tempted by the volume of new data available from the Spitzer telescope, producing ever more detail about what things are and how they work. But what is the Achilles heel in this picture? Science believes itself because math seems to work. It's old I.Q. try again. It seemed to work, but it didn't measure what we thought we were measuring. Like the magician's disappearing act, the illusion only works in a limited angle of view. What is missing is the fundamental question of why all this wonder exists in the first place.

What is the most obvious phenomenon that we see when we look across the galaxy, across the universe? Forces in action. But forces only occur where things are out of balance. We learned it when we were kids, when the big guy got off the other side of the seesaw.

What does this tell us? The universe is in an unbalanced condition. We even codify their behavior in the so-called Conservation Laws, that "everything tends towards equilibrium". In other words, everything the universe does prescribes that its ultimate goal is balance.

Therein lies the challenge for the physics of the future. It is the angle of view beyond the magician's trick. With equilibrium comes the cessation of all action, even within the smallest subnuclear particles. In the absence of action, the measuring sticks of time and space no longer apply. The mass itself loses all identity. We know this. And it should mean something to us beyond just accepting it. A very loud bell should ring.

Our new generations raised in cyberspace games will have no trouble understanding the implication. The universe involves our physical senses, even our interaction, but like cyberspace games, it only contains the information it is programmed for. In operation, it is no different than a computer maintenance program, "Defrag" or "Norton Utilities", evoked to stabilize the integrity of a more fundamental order.

And what is that order? Traditional physics has it backwards. Principles of order and consequences are a prerequisite even for a simple chemical reaction, but they are not part of the mass / energy yield. They represent a higher state of discipline, which does not depend on temporary phenomena.

The universe had a beginning and will have an end, which automatically places you in the slave position. Reconciling these priorities is important for our theoretical frontiers to advance.

An essential part of any autonomous system is its stabilizing safeguards. The reason the universe seems to have been created in a Big Bang is that it came as a complete program, put in place to preserve the stability of the balance. It is a necessary characteristic of the primordial (non-material) system. https://movieunstop.com/%e0%b8%88%e0%b8%b1%e0%b8%81%e0%b8%a3%e0%b8%a7%e0...

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C. Gravity is not an attractive force between bodies; it is the reduction of space, inversely to the lengthening of its co-function, time.