Mentorship is simply the process of teaching, counselling and giving proper guidance to someone called a mentee. Mentors are special, unique and dedicated individuals, they do this majorly as volunteers. Thus, the best reward a mentor can get is to see his/her mentee(s) adopting the principles they are taught, and all that is exemplified to them.

There are many mentoring programs at Los Angeles, specially created for as many people who can access it. The good thing about these programs is that, they are very easy to access, as most of them are available online for easy application.

However, there would be no mentorship programs without mentors. And, one thing a good mentor should take cognizance of, is to be sincere all the time. A mentor is someone whose words are held in high esteem, especially by the mentees. Since the mentees in this context are boys and girls around the teenage years, it is relevant to state that their mentors must be trust worthy.

You can volunteer to be a mentor to Jewish boys and girls. This kind of volunteering process is one that follows a well-thought-out decision-making process.

A mentor is a more than a role model, he/she is a valid representation of what the mentees aspire to become. If you choose to be a mentor, you must do so with all your heart and mind in sync with the decision.

As a Jewish big brother or Jewish big sister, you get to serve as a mentor to Jewish boys and girls. These boys and girls are open to change of mind set and reorientation. In fact, on of your roles as their big is to help redirect their perspectives of life, ensuring that they are well equipped to make wise decisions and dispense value to the society.

As part of mentorship programs there are teen programs which includes teen camping. At teen camps, children are exposed to a beautiful atmosphere where they open up to mentors, interact well with other children. Also, there are teen apps that can be installed in the phones of the children; with this app, children are able to get support from their children in their group.

The value incurred to mentorship cannot be overemphasized, and parents must be well equipped with this knowledge. Parenting and mentorship work hand in hand, and they are actually mutually exclusive. This makes it of essence to state the fact that, aside good parenting, effective mentorship is a basic requirement for the proper upbringing of a child.

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