Manaslu circuit trek is one of the famous trekking routes of Nepal. Manaslu trek beings by sightseeing of UNESCO world heritage sites in Kathmandu to trek in the beautiful Manaslu region. Manaslu trek offers the views of 8th highest mountains in the world and seventh highest mountain in Nepal which is 8163 meter above sea level. Manaslu is rich in local heritage and biological diversity.
The highest point in this trek is larkya la pass. Manaslu is a remote area despite of this fact Manaslu is a renowned trekking route of Nepal. Mainly Hindu and Buddhist people are lived in this area. Manaslu trek started from arughat to wherever jeeps can reach over Besisashar. Manaslu Mountain is also known as mountain of spirit. Northern Himalayan range lies in Gorkha district of Nepal. In Manaslu conservation area there is also established the national park and wildlife conservation which occurs 1663 km area of Manaslu conservation of Manaslu conservation which is popular by snow leopards, red pandas, Asian black bear, Assam macaque Himalayan, musk deer etc. Mainly visitor come there for see a flora and fauna Himalayan views and climbing. For Manaslu trek trekkers also need permit. Manaslu is one of the best trekking routes of Nepal. In today’s time Manaslu is going to be popular. Especially Manaslu trek is more popular in present time. In Manaslu trek tourist know about Hindu and Buddhist culture to get an unforgettable memory of astonishing views. Manaslu is rich in natural diversity.
Manaslu conservation trek offers Manaslu lark pass, Manaslu trek, Manaslu sanctuary etc. Mostly Manaslu trek is doing for peak climbing. Manaslu is one of the best hiking routes of Nepal. From Manaslu people can see an amazing view of many Himalayas. In these area visitors can optimum satisfaction. Manaslu is best place for get enjoyment visitor can see different kind of wild animals and natural resources.
The appropriate season for Manaslu larke pass trek is autumn and spring. This trekking provides views of the snow covered mountain of the Himalayas and allows close interaction with different ethnic groups who live in hill village trekking along the trekking route. It is one of the adventurous of trekking destination of Nepal. The Manaslu larke pass trek lies on middle of Nepal and India. Manaslu larke pass trek offers rich cultural heritage, astonishing views of the mountains, Fascinating Tibetan culture, Rich Mountain, biological diversity etc. The biggest challenge in this trek is crossing larke la pass.
Manaslu larke pass trek is beautiful as well as renowned trekking routes of Nepal. Manaslu lark pass is less developed routes despite of this fact Manaslu trek is desire of many people. Moreover Manaslu is decorated by natural beauty. From Manaslu larke pass trek visitors can get maximum enjoyment and achieved their predictable goals.

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