“Make home” means to immerse yourself where you find yourself. The one consistent home you have is your life; and appreciation makes it a better place to live. Here’s why.

Whenever setting goals, targets, intentions, dreams, or manifesting are mentioned, one recommended or required thread is common for each: Have a definite thought form and feeling. All thought forms and feelings are received and matched by the quantum field of manifestation that operates through the Law of Attraction. Appreciation is a definite thought form and feeling.

Maybe you’ve had a similar experience I’ve had. Whatever the trigger is, a negative thought stream gets started in my mind, and it’s as though a replay button got stuck. Saying “No” or “Stop” is seldom effective. As soon as I try to halt the stream in this way, the stream restarts a few seconds later (if it waits that long!). The only remedy I’ve found that does work is to begin a different stream of thought, one of appreciation. This shifts me from a futile attempt to eliminate the negative stream plus a side stream of self-judgment that joins it, to gently replacing those streams with a better one. That is, if I choose to feel better at that moment. We don’t always choose this, and that is our right. But it’s important to know we can choose to feel better and what that choice can do for us.

Appreciation is a form of unity with the Universe and Life. It’s quite difficult to feel genuine appreciation and disconnected from life and the Source of All Things at the same time. Appreciation diffuses worry and anxiety, and strengthens trust in the Universe and Its ongoing Bigger Picture dynamic that our individual lives participate in and contribute to.

Think of a time you felt worried or anxious. It was, likely, a challenge to easily or smoothly disengage from that feeling. But what if you’d deliberately thought of things you appreciated, counted your blessings instead of your woes? Had you done that, you could and would have diffused a good portion, and maybe all of the anxiety you felt because… It’s difficult to feel genuine appreciation and disconnected from life and the Source of All Things at the same time. Yes, that sentence is worth repeating.

When you deliberately focus on, state, and FEEL appreciation, you relax, at least somewhat, if not almost entirely. The more relaxed (less tense) your energy is, the more in a state of trust and unity you’re in with the Universe’s Divine Order. As contrary as it may seem in critical or heavily stressful moments to practice appreciation, that’s a time to do it!

When you’re relaxed in non-critical or non-stressful moments, you enjoy yourself and life more. You’re also more enjoyable to be with. Genuinely-felt appreciation relaxes your body, mind, and spirit. A relaxed mind and spirit relaxes the body. A relaxed body is healthier, and heals better and more quickly. When you relax in mind and spirit, your energy is like an open, cupped hand that’s ready to receive more to appreciate. It also allows you to let others receive openly from you. A closed-off mind and spirit, just as a closed hand, is closed off from receiving… and from giving. The Universe never forces you to receive; it waits for your invitation. The most effective invitation is always in the form of appreciation, calm and trusting energy . . . unity. This works for giving, as well.

In the financial arena, items, called assets, can depreciate (decrease in value) or appreciate (increase in value). It’s the same in life. Whatever we don’t appreciate loses value, in our perception. And the more we complain or criticize, the more we’re given to complain about or criticize. Whatever we appreciate, we feel the value of. We feel how it graces our experience in and of life. We feel its value grow; and more of the same or even better comes our way with a measure of fluidity.

Ernest Holmes presents a good case for appreciation, though he doesn’t use that specific word: Every time we think, we are thinking into a receptive, plastic Substance, which receives the impress of our thought. When we stop to realize how subtle thoughts are, how unconsciously we think negation, how easy it is to get “down and out” mentally, we shall see that each is perpetuating his own condition. This is why people go from bad to worse or from success to greater success.

Holmes continues: The Law is subject to Spirit and is Its servant. Man is Spirit, but until he KNOWS this, he will be only half using the Law, for he will not have a clear understanding to fall back upon. Treatment removes doubt and fear, lets in the realization of the Presence of Spirit, and is necessary while we are confronted by obstructions or obstacles. Every problem is primarily mental, and the answers to our problems will be found in Spiritual Realizations. (The italics are mine for emphasis.)

The treatment Holmes refers to is about embracing and living Spiritual Realizations. Another way to say Spiritual Realizations is Conscious Awareness. Let’s use boats and waves as a visual, perceptual example: The smaller the boat the more waves rock and batter it. The larger the boat the less it’s impacted by waves. It’s the same for conscious awareness and how you experience life, conscious awareness being the boat you travel in through the shallow, deep, placid or roiled waters of life. In the same way you feel more secure and have a less bumpy ride in a larger boat, the larger your conscious awareness is the more you feel and experience life the way you prefer to.

Most of the discomfort we feel during stressful or challenging times is because we don’t understand the “why”. As your conscious awareness expands, “why” becomes secondary to trust in the Source of All Things: you know you’ll understand more at a later time, but also know that trust is the bridge or causeway that brings you across through any storm.

Appreciation is one key that unlocks the door to conscious awareness, trust, unity, and a more joyful, fulfilling experience of Life. It supports us and can help us shift our energy during challenging times. Appreciation causes us to Think and Feel on Purpose, and in our best interest and behalf. Human nature being what it is appreciation is not something we feel all the time; we have to put it into practice. It’s a good practice.

Practice makes progress.
© Joyce Shafer

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