The term luxating comes up quite a bit when learning about health care in dogs of smaller breed. Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Maltese and Yorkie are just some of the dog breeds that are prone to health problems that include the term luxation.

Luxating means to move. How does this apply to small purebred dogs?

A Luxating Patella is one of the most common health problems with small breed dogs, including Yorkie. This is a dog health problem where the hip socket and joint move or move out of place. The hip bone is usually held in place with very strong tendons and connective tissue.

In small purebred dogs, the dressing materials are thinned or worn down. In some dogs, they are born with very little of it. Owners who are not aware of how easily a small dog can get a luxurious patella will not realize that just a jump down from the couch can immediately send a dog into severe pain as their hip bones break out of space.

A dog will usually just yell for the moment the bone slips. Many dogs will then remain still, even when walking or running around with a bone out of place. This makes an owner believe that the jump caused a quick pain and the dog is fine. Not so. Small dog breeds with a luxurious patella should be seen immediately by the veterinarian. Treatment is essential.

Signs will be: lame ,, signs of pain and leaning to one side. All symptoms can just be occasional, even when the damage is constant.

A dog may also have a luxuriant lens. This is a condition in which the lens of the eye swings or moves out of place. If not caught within 48 hours, the dog may become permanently blind in the affected eye. When treatment is not given immediately, it may be necessary to remove the lens or even sometimes the entire eye.

The cause of most cases of this is unknown, but trauma to the dog's eye is also a cause. Therefore, one must be very careful to take care to protect their dog’s eyes. How? Secure the home as you would if you were to bring a baby home. The corners of coffee or end tables should have protectors on them. Children need to be taught to play very carefully with a small breed dog. Be careful when bathing your dog, a swirling dog in the bathtub can quickly get a poke in the eye by mistake.

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Luxating means to move. How does this apply to small purebred dogs?