Isn't technology just the magnificent thing? There was a time when all your remaining leftovers had to go to the pigs. Since we have moved into the suburbs and we are no longer a community of farmers, we obviously need to do something with left over leftovers. Let’s see if they really ruin the beautiful trash cans, and who has time to snake them out like my dad and his dad before him did.

So bam a smart person figured we should have a waste disposal in our sinks right inside the home. No, it's not like the Flintstones and their disposal of dino waste. This is a purely mechanical machine.

I want to share some tips on how you can better take care of your disposal.

First of all, make sure that dishes and utensils are not in the sink when you run the disposal. Disposal always needs cold water so dishes can block the flow of water as well as food for disposal. Utensils end up in disposal. I have seen many a spoon wrong. (Do not put your hand in to remove the utensil while the disposal is running) It is important to put the food to be disposed of slowly in the disposal. Squeezing the food into the disposal only causes it to stop working properly. It is not a good idea to put grease from meat or liquid grease or grease down in your disposal, either can cause the disposal to be connected, which requires you or a very expensive plumber to take the plumbing apart and clean the plug to get disposal running properly.

Laying large bones down in the disposal (like those who are recently deceased) is a very bad idea, but you can put down small bones, they help clean the inside of your disposal.

Unless you run a commercial restaurant disposal, you should not let the waste build up in the disposal instead of driving and rinsing the disposal every time you put waste in it, the cheaper disposal corrodes from food that sits in them for extended periods.

If you think your disposal sounds weird, it probably means there's a foreign object like your car keys, (bless that little Johnnie's heart, he just did not know what he was doing). Turn off the disposal look under the sink to see how the disposal is connected, if it is a regular pug, unplug it. If you do not see a plug, of course, find a way to cover or block access to the waste disposal switch while your hands are in it. It may be a good idea to stick something other than your hands available by first assuring yourself that there are now monsters a diet handle works well of course, of course the diet handle can help free up the disposal, stick the handle end in the disposal and pipe disposal to get it moving again. Since we are still looking for these keys, you need to reach out for disposal (take off important jewelry) feel in there for something unusual like alarm fob or what's left of it for your Lexus. Remove all the pieces you can find. Reconnect the disposal to the water and turn on the disposal, which may be a little noisy but it should fade as the last pieces of your charm disappear. Sometimes the disposal completely unlocks and causes it to go out. Some models come with a switch at the bottom of the disposal that will stumble instead of letting the disposal burn up. After removing any obstruction, push the switch back in and the disposal must be reset and ready to run.

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