What Are Beliefs? – Definition
How are Beliefs Formed?
How Your Beliefs Create Your Reality?
Limiting Beliefs Exercise
How To Help Someone Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Tony Robbins

“A belief is a feeling of certainty about what something means” – Tony Robbins

Changing our beliefs is all about changing the meanings we give to the events in our lives.

For instance, some people say that when someone smiles at us, that MEANS they are nice. Other people say that when someone smiles at us, that MEANS they are trying to trick us.

When we think that the meaning is very true, it becomes a belief and we live according to that.

What Are Beliefs? – Definition

Think of it like this. Beliefs are basically our map of the world. Changing our beliefs changes our map, so we navigate the world differently.

We can change negative beliefs and limiting beliefs by changing and/or expanding our map.

How are Beliefs Created?

Beliefs are created two main ways:

1. Repetition

Example: “Every time I did well in sports, my parents would tell me how great I was”, therefore I believe that doing well in sports makes me a great person.

2. Emotionally Charged Experience

Example: “One time when I got my first A is school, with a grin from ear to ear, and tears in their eyes, my parents told me how great I was”, therefore I believe that getting an A in school makes me a great person.

How Your Beliefs Create Your Reality?

1. Changing our behaviour and therefore our results.

If we believe that we can never have a good relationship, we’ll most likely not even try, because why would we try if we believe it’s not going to happen anyways? And if we do try, we’ll do something to screw it up, or we’ll give up easily, or if there’s a challenge, we won’t search for the answer because we want to stay in line with our beliefs in order to feel certain. Then relationships keep screwing up and that continues to build our belief that we can never have a good relationship.

However, what if you believed you can have a good relationship? The opposite would happen.

2. We tend to see everything through that filter.

A girl who believes she’s ugly will not even “hear” a person that says that they’re pretty, or they’ll hear it and just rationalize it away by saying things like “oh, they’re just being nice” or “oh, they’re just drunk.

On the flip side, a girl who believes she’s pretty can be told that she’s ugly, and she’ll just say “ha! that person must be blind since they can’t see how pretty I am.”


Sometimes we create limiting beliefs. In order words, the beliefs limit us from what’s really possible, living our true potential, or the belief is only a small version of reality.

For example, our parents may have told us how great we were when we got an A in school, but that doesn’t just have to mean that we’re only great when we get As in school. It could mean that our parents were just happy because they thought good grades would lead to a future job which would bring us happiness and financial security.

So we were always great, lovable and worthwhile people, without having to achieve a certain grade in school.

Limiting Beliefs Exercise

Could you imagine how different we would act if we believed that we must do well in something to be great vs. we are already naturally great?

Which of the two beliefs would give us more self-esteem and self-confidence to create and share so many great things in our lives?

During our coaching sessions, we successfully change negative beliefs and limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs.

How To Help Someone Overcome Limiting Beliefs

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