The world has faced today a huge pandemic since the beginning of 2020. The unresolved time also made industries recognize the potential of technological interference in the business processes, there are many technologies assisting businesses to work in the crisis.

The improved growth of the IoT industry( is going to be a changing force across all industries. And with every year the utilization of IoT in various industries is potentially growing.

The global effect of COVID-19 on IoT market size is assumed to grow from USD 150 billion in 2019 to USD 243 billion by 2021. Let’s see what are the most important industries that are utilizing IoT right now? What should we look for in 2021?

IoT in Healthcare

IoT is focusing more on the healthcare sector and it is no more surprising now. As we know, IoT implementation affects minimizing healthcare costs and increasing treatment results of the infected patients.
There are several opportunities to deploy smart connected IoT devices with a variety of technologies during such an outbreak that could help authorities or entire countries to better mitigate the effect of such emergencies like COVID-19.

Hence, as per a recent research report, the main aim of IoT in 2021 is to assist coronavirus infected patients to recognize symptoms and give better treatment rapidly. Various mobile apps have been built to help people check if they have taken the same train or flight as virus patient’s detected during this crisis. IoT is concentrating on patients, physicians, and whole hospital management systems.

IoT for Work from home as a new normal

During this crisis from “cube offices,” we switched to “home offices”. From the software industry, marketing to the HR industry, everyone is working from home now. It’s a big opportunity for IoT startups, likewise management tools, AI-enabled video conferencing software, virtual meeting technologies, to present them to the world. In 2021, many startups will become an essential part of big industries because they are looking at how to improve work from home by utilizing IoT technologies. Employers and workers are now adapting to new ways of getting work done.

IoT for small businesses

According to business reports, 96% of retailers are now ready to apply IoT in their stores. IoT in retail concentrates more on outlining the best cashless secure payment systems that make supermarkets smart, generating systems for tracking the movement of customers around stores, etc.

Forbes reports specifying that E-commerce and online shopping recognized an increase of 146% in online retail orders as of April 21, 2020, as compared to the same period in the last year. With the help of the AI systems and IoT data from connected devices, retailers can have a benefit over their competitors.

With the help of automating tasks, sorting data with superior levels of speed as well as accuracy and building connections between data to improve the online as well as in-store experiences, IoT is already playing a vital role in this industry.

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