The Mayan prediction offers some insights to modern astronomers about what will happen in the world in 2012. Many people do not understand how the calendar works. They simply judge that the earth will come to an end on December 21, 2012 because their calendar ends on this date. In reality, the Maya are only trying to indicate that the great cycle will end with a new beginning. It doesn't actually mean that all the earth will be destroyed on December 21, 2012.

The Mayans are experts in various astronomical aspects, p. Eg the solar system and the Milky Way. The Mayans gave a prophecy that the world has 13 years to turn away from its evil nature. The Mayans assumed that the world will unite and stop fighting each other on December 21, 2012. The sun, known as Kinich-Ahau to the Mayans, is often aligned with the central universe. The sun will shine brighter when it receives a spark of light. Solar flares are responsible for causing the spark of light. It also causes changes in the sun's magnetic field.

According to the Mayans, solar flares occur every 5125 years. Solar flares can cause natural tragedies due to displacement during the rotation of the earth. The Mayans claimed that the last civilizations ended due to a great flood. The flood was so great that most of the people living on earth die. There are only a few survivors of his tribe who manage to survive in some way. The Mayans said that the changes approaching on December 21, 2012 will bring humanity into a new civilization. Civilization will make humanity feel sorry for each other and live in peace with each other.

Not only the Mayans made this prophecy, other cultures and soothsayers also made these predictions. Fortune tellers like Nostradamus use black magic to conjure Satan and give revelations about the year 2012. According to Nostradamus, a giant comet will pass through the earth. When the comet passes the land, the waves will rise a thousand feet. It is claimed that Florence, Rome and other parts of Italy will be influenced by the great flood. The flood will be so great that many people will not be able to find solid ground to escape. The Bible affirms that there will be wars all over the world. Some Christians prophesied that a world regime will be established during the end time.

During the time of the end, the one world government will force everyone to worship the image of the animal and take the 666 mark. Anyone who refuses to obtain the mark will be mercilessly erased. The sole world chief executive shall be a president who has served all the highest offices in the world. It will not be himself, but someone controlled by the devil. Movies had been released about the end of the world. The most appreciated film about the end of the world is produced by the Hollywood film producers Sony.

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moment after what they are supposed to. The interesting thing that happens when you start hoping for miracles to come true is that your spirits rise, your happiness rises, and life becomes good, really good!