You think only professional creative writers do script writing, right? Well, I'm pleased to announce to you that you can create a beautiful YouTube video script if you follow simple steps. Giant likes can further amplify your efforts by giving your channel real likes and views.

Why do you need a killer script in the first place? A killer script is the first step to creating a compelling video and gaining giant likes. It helps you deliver an intelligent and cohesive story that promotes your business.
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In this article, I'll share tips on how to write a script like a professional. Here they are:

Identify a topic

In another article, I talked about choosing a niche for your YouTube channel, and so, I'll not be dwelling so much on it. Writing an engaging script starts with identifying a topic your audience love. One of the ways to discover their problems is by putting yourself in their shoes and coming up with the solution to the problem you'll likely face. This is called a buyer persona. By using this method, you'll come up with several topics then you can develop it and research on ideas to enrich it.

Grab attention immediately

Humans have a short attention span. If you need giant likes to help you out, you should do your bit too. When someone finds your video in the search bar or on the recommendation list, they expect to receive answers to their questions within the first few seconds of watching. Audiences wouldn't mind spending time watching engaging videos, but you need to convince them that you can deliver. One way to do that is to pique their interest from the beginning by making a catchy introductory statement or posing a question to viewers.

Address a problem

If you have captured your audience attention, it means you are on track and should continue in high spirits. Your script should address a peculiar problem and proffer solutions to it. Identifying a problem and coming up with a solution creates an emotional connection with views and make them feel at home. If your script offers valuable information, you wouldn't need to stress yourself sourcing for viewers or subscribers.

Be conversational

Your script should be written as though you're speaking to one person instead of making a presentation. A conversational tone helps you focus on delivering your content instead of doing a dictation like you're in a conference. The chances that your viewers would watch your content as a group is low. They'll likely listen individually and so; your best bet would be to speak to one person.

If you have made mistakes previously, it is high time you corrected them. Giant likes are always available to grow your channel to your taste.

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