In the path of exile, there is no gold or any other recognized currency but only Orbs are the official currency in Poe. As is the case with thecoins and notes in the real world, orbs are accepted and recognized means of exchange in any trade deal; including exchange for the most valuable items. They come in handy and due to their value, orbs are the most sought-after currency in the path of exile. Therefore, when you have them, ensure you use them effectively. In this article, we shall guide you on how to use Poe exalted orbs.

The orbs will usually come after several hours of playing and basically, the more you play, the more obstacles you pass,the more monsters you kill, and the higher the level of play, the more likely you are to get an orb. However, you may sacrifice much and to avoid the struggle, it is recommended that you buy exalted orbs. Once you have the exalted orbs, you can then use them in different ways.

Trade for a decent gear

With their extremely high value, you can always consider trading the orbs for a decent gear. The gear will allow you to start mapping and with upgradedmap rarity and quality, you will have increased chances of finding more exalted orbs. Interested to know more about buy poe exalted orb? Learn more on this website.

Hoard the exalted orbs

Unless you know what you`re doing, it’s not recommended that you use your exalted orbs. In fact, in the path of exile, exalted orbs are the second most valuable commodity. You should only use your exalted orb for meta-crafting and as a professional gamer, instead of using your first exalted orb, prepare certain rare items with specific prefixes and suffixes. These items are high in the lower levels and if utilized well, the number of these properties will sustainyour needs. After preparing the commodity, as a professional player, use the meta-crafting mod in the advanced levels of the game, usually from level 8 master and by this, you will improve or guarantee your chances of obtaining the feature you require when utilizing the exalted orb. Though this may be an expensive and risky move, the process is always rewarding.

Use the exalted orb for expensive items

Though it usually recommended that you hoard your exalted orbs, if you have to use the orb, always gamble it with some expensive items. However, you must ensure the items gambled on have an open slot for additional properties.

The higher the number of open slots, the more attractive the deal should be and if you are rich enough (you have enough exalted orbs) go for two or more open slots.

However, the slot should be accompanied by additional properties such as high rolls of energy shield. Also, always be aware that you open affix`s slots have to be paid for.

For high-tier crafting

They are used for high-tier crafting in the advanced levels, recommended for level 8 master and above, eitheras currency on the crafting bench or by utilizing the orb on a very good item for an additional mod.

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