It is easy to believe that technology has helped everyone. We live such comfortable lives, after all. We truly benefit from an almost remarkable level of abundance and convenience. Even middle-class and working people tend to have plenty to eat, good sources of transportation, and a wide variety of recreational activities that are not available in much of the world. We work more hours than we used to, but we still have plenty of recreation time to rest.

However, once you look at the global hunger statistics, it becomes clear that not everything is so rosy. In much of the world, poverty is an everyday reality. Even hunger in America is a problem. This surprised me the first time I learned this. I had a teacher who made us study hunger in the world. He wanted us to be aware not only of our neighborhood, our state, and our country, but of our entire extended global community. Before showing us an article, he asked what we thought about world hunger statistics. I was confident in my answer. I told him that, with the exception of some isolated areas, he believed that we had eliminated hunger and poverty in the world. I was surprised when I read the world hunger statistics!

The really scary thing was how easily I got back into a state of everything, as always, even after I was alerted to the reality of world hunger statistics. We like to think that we care about our neighbor, but when we look at our actions in general, it is quite clear that we do not. It is so easy to forget about world poverty statistics, to continue living a life of wealth as if nothing was wrong. I am as guilty as anyone.

A few years later, however, I was so frustrated with my own apathy that I knew the time for action was near. I decided to join a group to end hunger in the world. A friend of mine laughed at my naive idealism. He was also familiar with global hunger statistics, and argued that it would not be as easy as he intended to end poverty. He knew that the economic factors were complex and felt that there was no easy solution.

I realize that your arguments are valid, but I think it is even more important to realize that global hunger statistics demand immediate action from all of us. If everyone were to end world hunger, a solution could be found!

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