Before you know it, summer will be here and you will want to look good in your summer clothes and bikinis. Do not wait until summer is here only to find that you cannot fit into your clothes and your skin is below par. There are a number of things that you can do this spring in order to look good in summer.

Detox. Start by detoxifying your body. If you don’t think this is necessary, are you aware of the toxins that are present in your food (e.g. agricultural chemicals, preservatives, flavorings, etc.), in your personal care products (e.g. colorants, parabens, sulfites, perfumes), in the air (e.g. vehicle fumes) and in the water? All these find their way into your body. Some of them are stored in your fats which is why you may struggle to lose weight. Detoxify this spring to rid your body of them. This will make your skin glow, your eyes to sparkle, your quality of sleep improve, your energy to peak, your digestion and sleep to improve, and unwanted pounds to shift. Try a juice fast where you take only the juice of fruits and vegetables for a number of days. Try herbal teas too.

Walk. People underestimate the power of walking. The USA Department of Health estimated that a 60kg (132 pounds) person can walk for 30 minutes and burn 75 calories at 2mph or 99 calories at 3mph or 150 calories at 4mph). If you start walking instead of driving everywhere, you will shift a lot of pounds this spring. By the time summer comes you will slimmer and ready to enjoy yourself. So, get a pair a good quality walking shoes, and download an exercise app on your smartphone which will record your daily steps. At work, instead of taking the elevator to the other floor, walk up the stairs. If you have to go to the shops a block away, walk there. If you have to catch the bus to and from work, walk past your usual bus stop and wait at the next bus stop. You will be amazed how many steps you do in a day.

Change your diet. You are what you eat! If you eat junk food, then your body is full of junk and don’t be surprised if your skin is dull or if you have breakouts or if you carry a lot of weight around and your brain is foggy. If you want a slim body, a clear brain, undisturbed sleep, a glowing clear skin, sparkling eyes and shiny hair, consider changing your diet. Reduce your intake of junk fast foods and make meals out of whole foods that you buy in the produce section of your grocery store. When it comes to food there are three changes that you can consider making. First, make plant foods the major part of your diet and reduce intake of animal products. Plant foods are easier to digest and they contain lots of nutrients. Secondly, consider eating at least half of the food that you eat raw as salads, smoothies and juices. That is because by consuming raw foods, you preserve all the nutrients in your food and you benefit more. Thirdly, reduce the intake of sugars and starches to reduce calorie intake.

Stay hydrated. We are still in winter and the air tends to be very dry which tends to dry your skin. First, make sure that you drink a lot of purified water, herbal teas and juices in order to stay hydrated. Secondly, use a humidifier in the house to increase the moisture in the air. That way you will not lose the moisture in your skin and by the end of winter your skin will be looking great. Then in summer, it may get very hot where you live and your air conditioner will dry the air in your office/house. Again, you will need to continue to drink lots of fluids and to keep the humidifier on so that your skin preserves its moisture. You will notice a huge difference in the suppleness and youthfulness of your skin.

Get enough sleep. If you are young and energetic you may not understand the need for sleep, but it is not called ‘beauty sleep’ for nothing. When you sleep, the body has time to detox the organs and your mind and body relax, reducing your stress levels. With good sleep every day you remain younger for longer.

Manage stress. If you are stressed, it is going to manifest as constant tiredness, poor health, early wrinkles and dull skin. Quickly resolve the issues that cause you stress. That means leave a stressful relationship, or get relationship counseling, or change jobs. Once you manage your stress you will notice that you will be happier, you will sleep better, you will have more energy and your skin will glow with health.

You can look great this summer with these small changes in your lifestyle. If these hacks work for you why not make them a permanent lifestyle?

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Greg Mercer has gained a lot of experience and has honed his craft through several years of work with different websites and blogs. Aside from writing, Greg absolutely loves to travel, read, and loves anything that pertains to sports.