"To infinity and beyond!" If you often hear these words from your child or children, you know exactly what to give them at their birthday parties. Organize yourself a Toy Story theme and treat your child and friends to some out of this fun world! How to do it ...

Make your invitations to the party

If your child's favorite character is Buzz Lightyear, make a colorful spaceship-inspired invitation out of a high-quality cardboard box. An invitation shaped like a cowboy hat is the perfect match for the cowboy character Woody. If you want a general theme for the Toy Story party, a toy box with the toy figures placed on top along with a picture of your child is a brilliant idea.

Decorating the party

Your party decorations should include the colors that can be associated with Toy Story, such as lime or neon green, orange, turquoise and purple. Make sure your paper streamers and balloons carry these kinds of colors. Placing movie posters on your wall helps enhance the Toy Story atmosphere. You can order them online or create your own out of printed photos taken from the scenes in the movie. You can also try placing stuff toys or kiddie action figures anywhere. Grade cardboard cutouts are also excellent alternatives.

Setting up the party clothes

Ask the kids to come up with their favorite Toy Story character along with the toy itself. Allow them to dress whatever style they want, as long as it looks like the favorite toy they got in hand. Announce that it will be a competition to add more interest to the party. Award the best dressed child or the one with the most realistic clothes with a toy or a small prize!

Organization of festivals and activities

Set up a box of toys and a similar area where the children will play. You can arrange a game out of it, e.g. Having a picture using the included toy cars or setting up a puppet show that they can interact with.

Try playing a "Space Treasure Hunt" game. This is recommended when many of the kids are Buzz Lightyear fans. You can arrange this game either outside or inside the party room. Set the mood of the children by telling them that they are going on a space mission. Then ask them to find objects that Buzz left behind in his previous space expedition. These items can be composed of candy, sheets of paper, toys and other goodies.

"Balloon Float" is also a great game. Begin by blowing up some balloons with pictures and names of characters inserted over them. Let the children gather in an area and throw them in the air, what the children have to do is prevent the balloons from hitting the ground.

"Robot Freeze Tag", on the other hand, is a game played outside. First, there should be a "robot manufacturer", where the one he / she notices becomes a robot and must freeze. However, the robots can be frozen when other players touch them. The player who became a robot in 3 times will be the next designated "robot maker".

At the end of the exciting games, excite them once again by showing a Toy Story movie, complete with popcorn and other tasty treats. https://raknung.com/%e0%b8%94%e0%b8%b9toystory/

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If you want a general theme for the Toy Story party, a toy box with the toy figures placed on top along with a picture of your child is a brilliant idea.