Spices are a known deterrent to silverfish. So if you would like a more natural way, then spices are one way to go. You are not the only person wanting to know how to get rid of silverfish naturally. They are pesky little creatures that eat away at your home, clothes and more. While they don’t bite humans or cause any harm to humans, they can cause havoc on your wallpaper, drywall, clothes, carpet and more.

So let’s get to the point… How to get rid of silverfish with spices

There are many spices that work, and fortunately, they smell good to humans as well. Make you a little bag with something that is very thin. You want it to be thin so the smell gets through the bag. Some spices that work best are bay leaves, cinnamon, sage, nutmeg, and ginger.

If you like, you can crush all those spices together and place them in some sort of small bag.

Then tie the bag with a piece of ribbon or something and place the bags in places that you have seen the silverfish. This way the bag will look nice in the room, as well as have a nice smell. This is how to get rid of silverfish quickly and your guests will never know the difference. (get more details: Pest Control Hobart)

You can also make a basket of flowers or something and place those spices at the bottom. This way you can place the basket on the floor along your baseboards and it will look nice, smell nice, but still be your way on how to get rid of silverfish without anyone knowing the difference.

Be creative with this process and make it fun and enjoyable. Spice up your home, make it smell great, look great and your guests will never know that this is how to get rid of silverfish in your home.

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