Chest Exercise with Resistance Bands

You aren’t alone if you are looking for a broad chest to fill out your shirt. Apart from aesthetics, having a broad chest is beneficial for many functional fitness exercises. This is because hypertrophy of the chest muscle increases the functionality of the chest. Thus, you can lift more weights without fatigue. Getting a strong chest is advantageous both for aesthetics and performance.

To make your chest harder and stronger, you don’t need that bench or bulky equipment anymore. All that is needed is a couple of resistance bands and some kick-arse muscle-building exercises.

What does it take to build a broad chest?

Many people have the question in mind whether resistance band training really works. According to many fitness experts and scientific studies, resistance bands are one of the most effective ways to perform chest workouts and other functional exercises.

Mechanical tension: go heavy and grow

Like barbells and dumbbells, the key to muscle growth is tension AKA resistance. Resistance bands are created in a way to provide resistance to your muscles in a given movement. Thus, resistance bands help to trigger hypertrophy in the same way as the weights do.

Linear variable resistance: have more control

Resistance bands consist of linear variable resistance. So, if you want to increase the weight in an exercise, simply minimise the slack in the band. There is no one fixed level of resistance with bands like the weights. For this feature, you can easily make small adjustments in your exercise to control your output. As a whole, this maximises the value of every set.

Time under tension: maximum results

You may think that the greater is the force, the more is the mechanical tension. The fact is true but only up to a certain extent. The x-factor of Time Under Tension (TUT) must be considered to trigger hypertrophy. It means that the intensity of the mechanical tension depends on how long you are holding that particular load or force. Resistance bands help you to customise the mechanical tension of your exercise. Slow down your eccentric, isometric, and concentric movements to increase your chests time. This maximises hypertrophy and your muscle grows more quickly.

Convenience: work out any time anywhere

Resistance bands are very convenient and travel friendly. They are also very lightweight thus can be thrown in any backpack for easy transportation. For this, these bands lend themselves to great results.

What are the best chest workouts using resistance bands?

Anchored versus unanchored

This type of resistance band chest workout features both anchored and unanchored exercises. You can perform unanchored exercises anywhere as you need only your body and the resistance band. For anchored exercises, you will need a door or a stationary object to hold the band in place for creating resistance.

Resistance band push-ups (unanchored)

• Set the resistance band across your chest and hold each end of the band with arms straight outward
• Put your hands and feet in a push-up position
• Perform a complete push-up.
• Try to hold and squeeze the shoulder blades
• Lower back down slowly
• Repeat

Single-arm incline press (anchored)

• First loop the band around the door anchor.
• Square your body away from the door by taking the end of the loop in one hand at chest height.
• Step the same foot backward for stability
• Push forward until the arm is extended
• Bring arm to the starting position
• Switch arms
• Repeat

Single-arm hook flye (anchored)

• Situate the door anchor at the chest height
• Keep the body perpendicular to the door and hold the band with the extended arm
• Pull arm in front of the chest by squeezing the pectoral muscle
• Switch sides
• Repeat

Reverse grip flye (unanchored)

• Step on the resistance band with feet width apart
• Grab it close to your feet by keeping the palms faced inward
• Stand up tall and raise your hands up from underneath till they reach chest height
• Lower hands back to the normal position
• Repeat

These four anywhere do exercises will help you to get a killer chest workout without weights. Based on the ease and effectiveness, these four are the best chest workouts without weights.

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