It’s easy to confuse yearning with desiring because this practice is one many are used to. You can easily know which you’re doing by your results and how you feel while you wait for what you desire to arrive.

You practice yearning when you focus on the absence or lack of what you desire. Yearning is not a clear decision or choice. It is wishful thinking fueled with doubt or non-expectancy; you’re primarily aware of the absence or lack of fulfillment you want. If you hold the thought of what you desire AND hold uncomfortable or disquieted feelings about getting it, you’re off the mark. If Law of Attraction matches what you transmit vibration-wise (and it does), what gets matched through yearning?

Genuine desire best springs forth from a PREFERENCE. Genuine desire has no resistance – meaning no yearning, doubt, or non-expectancy is present. It has the energy of Anticipation – or even better -- Eager Anticipation, not anxiety. People often use the words eager and anxious interchangeably, as though they share the same meaning: they don’t. “When your desire feels to you like it is the next logical step, then it is on the verge of manifestation.” (Abraham-Hicks)

That’s a powerful statement you just read. Maybe read it again or post it where you can easily return to it. When was the last time you associated how you felt about a desire with being what just made logical sense as what was to happen next for you? Do you feel an energetic shift when you consider this?

Your desires are meant to help you feel alive and In Life. If you feel the opposite, or anything other than enlivened when you think of your desire, then yearning is what you’re practicing. Consider that Law of Attraction can and will respond (match) ONLY what your energy vibration transmits about anything. You might think of it like this: I feel bad because I lack (whatever) vs. I have a preference for (whatever) that is strong in me. By now, it’s obvious which one of these matches the vibration of what you really want to attract into manifestation.

We’ve confused yearning with genuine desire that blossoms out of a preference for too long. We’ve confused feeling uncomfortable (stress and yearning) with desire, just as we’ve confused busywork with productivity. Clear up this confusion, and you clear up bad feelings that delay what you desire.

Abraham-Hicks also said, “Your habit of resistant thought is the only thing that ever keeps you from allowing the things you desire.” And, Einstein told us that for something to happen, something has to move. You can say that until your vibration moves into better alignment with feeling good – and feeling really good about what you desire – little or nothing about what you don’t like or want (or like and want) can change.

Keep this in mind: Just as a car cannot go from 0 to 60 miles per hour instantly, neither are you likely to shift from feeling non-expectancy to all-out expectancy. I’m not saying you can’t make that shift that quickly, because one good revelation or epiphany could cause that for you. But, know that you may have to move up a “scale” of better and better feelings, and into ALLOWING, so that you can reach all-out expectancy of a result designed by Law of Attraction to match the feeling of having and enjoying what you desire.

You might also consider what your predominant emotional set-point is on a scale: If you’re usually in a state of anger or frustration, you will find it a challenge to, in a heartbeat, move up to joy and appreciation. Though, as I said, something could happen that causes you to allow yourself to experience this kind of shift quickly. The more you deliberately raise your predominant emotional set-point up the scale, the easier it becomes to shift into better and better feelings as your usual state of being.

Each step up the scale is an opportunity to clear resistance to Allowing out of the way, because you cannot hold opposing thought vibrations and expect desired results. Look at what you practice. Adjust it as needed to improve alignment, so that you desire rather than yearn, or even amp up a good feeling to an even better one. Remember: feeling better or feeling really, really good is the ultimate Law of Attraction practice.

Practice makes progress.
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