How do I train in such a way that you are in it for a long, long time, even for a lifetime?

Here are 6 ways you can subscribe to exercise like that. Use them to guide you to achieve a long, healthy life, to enjoy the good feelings after, to better fight and ward off illnesses and diseases, to reduce stress and tension, to reduce the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and certain cancers.

1. Cultivate a time habit

The hardest thing for people to train is finding the TIME to do it. And scheduling by it. This is because exercise is not a one-time thing; it is one you need to do regularly to say, at least 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes per. session.

I know you have many other things that are more important than exercise. Exercise? For you, it is only an activity you perform when you are free. This is where your problem starts.

Hi! You need to change your view of exercise - you need to treat it as your top priority activity by consistently setting aside at least 30 minutes 3 times a week to do so.

Practice setting aside this kind of schedule. And do not use this scheduled time for anything else.

2. Pick and choose an exercise you like to do

Do you like running?

Do you want to go?

Hot while swimming?

Prefer cycling?

Do you love to dance?

Are you interested in jogging?

Do you have a "crush" on step aerobics?

Enjoy Pilates? Yoga?

Do you enjoy going to the gym to work out?

Do you feel excited about attending classes?

Happy to train at home?

The point is, there are so many exercises out there and so many ways to do them. Pick one or two that you love and feel right, and get started.

Commit to the least

You have arranged your schedule and the exercise and the way to do it.

Now set a minimum number of times per week you want to train. Commit to yourself that you will never fall below this set minimum.

If you are very busy or traveling, you can still meet your set minimum, either by short walks or light stretches punctured during the week.

Sticking to your minimum should be the most important thing for you. Sometimes you exceed the minimum, sometimes you have bad days and only manage light training. It is OK. Just do not fall below the minimum.

If you do this every week for the rest of your life, you will get more health and energy.

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How do I train in such a way that you are in it for a long, long time, even for a lifetime?