Home Remedy For Killing Fleas - fleas and ticks are small insects which infest and feed off of your pets, and any animals. They are notoriously difficult to remove or kill, and of course as with other similar creatures can be very contagious so you will have to be careful any animal with fleas does not pass them on to others, and even throughout your house and furnishings.

Conventionally the herbal remedy solution to fleas would be to use an herbal shampoo which is specially formulated for this purpose, there are many that exist which include herbs such as lavender, eucalyptus, and pine cedar, and there are many available, check your herbal store.

The herbal shampoo should be used to kill the fleas as you would expect, but because they are thought to kill you may need to massage the shampoo into the fur for a long time to be sure they are dead, probably 30 minutes to be absolutely sure. Of course, this may be restricted by the length of time your pet will stand it! Then rinse the shampoo fully.

One of the additional problems when trying to get rid of a flea with a home remedy is that the fleas probably aren’t just living on the animal, they may be living all over your house and simply ridding the animal of fleas will be futile if the rest are not killed. Areas such as carpets, furniture, etc. are likely places, but one good tip is to use one of the many powders for this purpose in conjunction with your vacuum machine, add it into your vacuum bag and the fleas will all die once sucked in.

A popular natural home remedy is apple cider vinegar for fleas many people have had very good success using it to treat the fleas on their pets. You can use a spray bottle to spray the animal and then leave to dry. Additionally, some people add it to the animal’s drinking water. This can also be sprayed onto the animal’s bedding to kill the fleas there. Remember though that people have seen quick results but assume that it may take 4 - 6 weeks before the fleas are completely gone.

If you still face flea infestation in your pets and home after using all the above-mentioned remedies than a great alternative is to consult with a professional Flea Control Brisbane company for total eradication.

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