There are more crooks in this world than dating sites. No matter who, on many dating sites, you may encounter crooks because they are everywhere. All you can do is understand the tricks of some scammers and stop the loss in time. Here are some general patterns of scammers that you can learn from.

They Send Many Emails and Winks to Others.

Many dating sites allow users to send winks to other users for free and unlimited number of times, To get your attention, So many scammers send winks to many people at once time. You have no other way but to report and block him. However, many websites require membership authentication, and there is a logo in the profile of certified members. So choosing a bisexual dating website with a good reputation is also a kind of protection for yourself. Whether it is your privacy or money, there will be a good system to protect you.

They Avoid Phone Calls, Video Chats, and Photos.

Many scammers will not take the initiative to publish their real photos. Most of them are photos of others looking for on the Internet. They will not accept video chats or phone calls. Because they are afraid to expose themselves. You can also search their photos on google, most of them are beautiful or gentleman. And you can also find that they have registered accounts on many websites.

They Ask You for Money.

Scammers are for money or sex, and the former are the most. Some people will attract you in the name of investment, others directly say that they need help and donations. If it comes to money, you need to pay attention at this time. You can report to site’s owner.

They Describe Themselves Perfectly.

Many scammers often disguise themselves as successful people, single, lonely, and rich. Especially on some rich men dating sites. Others are making up pitiful accidents for themselves, soliciting sympathy from others, and seeking financial or spiritual help. Many people describe how they were hurt in their previous relationship, Win the sympathy of others. In any case, you must pay more attention to it, don’t get too deep.

They Reject Offline Dating.

Generally, network scammers rely on websites. Many of them refuse offline dating, because his profile is fake, and offline dating will reveal his essence. They will refuse your offer under various excuses. My suggestion is that if you feel good about each other, but she always rejects you for various reasons, you need to pay attention at this time.

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