When you choose names for your baby, you want it to be special, one that will make a good impression. And for most parents, they want it to be original and peculiar too. The same is true with search engine optimization. You will want the most commonly used yet unique words that will lead people to your website after a quick search at Google or Yahoo.

Determining the perfect tags are best done by professionals. Unless you are an SEO expert yourself, you are better off hiring a firm that will do the custom keyword research for you. They have the tools, knowledge and skills to not only provide the right words but also provide advice on other aspects such as search engine protocols.

While you will tap experts to assist in the search engine optimization, it is imperative to equip yourself with the basic knowledge of the matter. This will make you better understand the services being provided to you. Custom Keyword Research must be optimized to meet the respective requirements of each of these three factors when incorporated with the actual contents of your website. Read on to familiarize.

Keyword Weight
This refers to the number of times a phrase or keyword has been mentioned in the content. Because you do not want excessive, unnecessary and obvious repetition, you will need an expert to guide you in using the right amount of keywords.

Keyword Prominence
The phrase refers to how early the keywords appear in the content. Search engines usually read the first 100 words of an article. So it would be ideal to mention keywords in the first two paragraphs and even mention them in your heading.

Keyword Density
This is the ratio between keywords and all other words in the content. Search engines usually allow contents to have two to five percent of keywords in a single post. Beyond that, your website will be deemed as spam and can even be subject for blacklisting.

All three factors are being utilized by search engines to determine your website’s rank in the search results. So you see, ‘appealing’ to these search engines require the right formula to come up with perfect combination of keyword weight, prominence and density. Each search engine has its own set of protocols that ensure organic results as well and your keyword selection must be able to adhere to all of them.

You can maximize the use of the words yielded from the custom keyword research by including them in the HTML line of the tags you use for the photos in your contents since search engine spiders cannot read pictures and images. Doing so will boost the density and weight of your keywords. Want to know more about seo keyword research? Visit 1stpagekws.com to get more information.

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