Amsterdam is the most visited destination in Europe with millions of visitors coming to explore this beautiful city every year. It is a highly planned city, in the seventeenth century the city was the center of the world economy and today it is the capital of the party of Europe. It is not a very big city, all the important places in the city are easily accessible on foot. The city is a perfect fusion of historical and modern architecture. The city is proud of its tolerant and liberal environment. Statistically speaking, I don't have the exact data, but this city surpasses other major European cities in number of bicycles, canals, bridges, cinemas, markets, etc.

Best time to visit Amsterdam

The best time to visit Amsterdam is July and August, as the weather during these months is the best. Although it is never extreme, Amsterdam is a paradise for visitors all year round. Even visiting Amsterdam in the off-season has its own benefits, as you'll find deep discounts on everything to do with airlines, hotels, and restaurants. In Amsterdam you will find a number of festivals and events that take place continuously throughout the year.

Amsterdam main tourist attractions

Museums, nightlife, shopping, gastronomy, historical buildings, canals, red light area, famous squares, zoo, botanical gardens, parks and much more, it seems that the city is made especially for tourists. Here is a list of some of the famous sites and monuments that you will definitely love to see.

Oude Lerk

It is a beautiful old church with little houses hanging on the sides, it is located in the center of the red light area, the architecture represents an octagonal bell tower in the Gothic Renaissance style.

Dam Square

It is the heart of the city and had a history series attached to it. Here you will discover the Royal Palace, which looks surprisingly beautiful in the square.


Beautiful and charming garden surrounded by old houses, it also houses the oldest house in Amsterdam. In the center of the lawn you will also discover a beautiful medieval church.

Canlals of Amsterdam

The most striking tourist attraction in Amsterdam are its canals, there are a number of canals in the city, due to these the city is also called as Venice of the North. Take a trip down the canal and experience the magic of the place for yourself.

Magere Brug

It is the most beautiful bridge in the city of bridges, 1280 in number. This bridge is a traditional Dutch drawbridge (the original bridge was built in 1670) that connects the banks of the Amstel river, every 29 minutes it opens to let boats pass.


It is the perfect place to feel the lively atmosphere of Amsterdam. It is home to narrow streets, beautiful canals, brown cafes, art galleries, and a number of unique shops.


It is one of the most famous squares in Amsterdam, it houses several famous pubs, restaurants, hotels and cafes, it is a perfect place for tourists. Don't forget to try the traditional Dutch pubs with Dutch numbers for a perfect experience of the place.


Leidseplein Squre is best known for its nightlife, with a number of restaurants, cafes, cinemas, theaters, and clubs that make evenings more vibrant and colorful.

Red light area

Amsterdam is the most famous place for visitors as it is the place where sex is sold. It's like the largest sex amusement park in the world.

Some of the other good places to visit in Amsterdam are the Albere Cuyp Market, Artis Zoo, Vondelpark, Hortus Botanius, Botanical Garden, and Amsterdam Parks,

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The best time to visit Amsterdam is July and August, as the weather during these months is the best. Although it is never extreme, Amsterdam is a paradise for visitors all year round.