While buying a shooting rifle, there are numerous factors you will need to put into consideration. In the current competitive world, most people will go for the cheap once thinking they are the best rifle scopes. However, cheap does not mean good. You always get what you pay for. You will not pay a few dollars and expect the best rifle scope in the market. They may be cheap due to the quality of materials used to make them. Though the price can be a factor to consider, if you want to buy the best scope for hunting the following five factors will be helpful for you.

Magnification. As you purchase a shooting rifle, you must have a clearly defined purpose. Where you are going to hunt or what you are hunting will help you decide the best scope. If you like shooting from a long or a shorter distance is an important factor to consider. The distance between you and the target will guide the range of zoom which is influenced by the level of magnification of your shooting rifle. If you like firing at a deer or hogs from less than 100 yards, classic or fixed 4x scopes and those ranging from 3-9x will be better for you. However, if you are a long-distance shooter, you will need to go for rifles with a zoom range between 12-20x.

Construction. The size of the main tube is also an important factor to consider. The diameter of the main tube of scope will vary from one scope to another. There are those with a diameter of 30 mm, 25mm and 34 mm. There is an advantage in buying a scope with a relatively large diameter. It will increase the range of adjustment and provide more space for interior components. These two factors are helpful to a hunter especially when shooting from a long distance.

Eye relief. Today, the best scopes have an eye relief ranging between four inches. However, there are some brands that have a lesser eye relief distance. For high recoiling rifles, eye distance of fewer than 4 inches is a very short distance. Therefore, you need to go for a rifle with an eye relief distance of four and above inches. To get more details on rifle scope, check this blog.

Reticle and focal lane. For hunting arms, conditions and ranges a standard reticle, for instance, a German No. 4 or a duplex is good for you. However, for long-range shooters complex reticles are more advisable. Also, when choosing the position of a reticle you will have to choose between those having a reticle positioned in the first or the second focal plane. When it is placed in the second focal plane the target will appear larger when you increase your power zoom.

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