Participating in an escape room game is utterly thrilling and sensational. The feeling of intense anticipation creeps into your whole being until you find release. An escape game is literally an escape from the world, you know. You only have one mission. And that is to escape the game room unscathed.

Mission to escape through logical wits and patience

The escape game in Berlin offers exceptionally challenging rooms that keep you on your toes. Every single item inside the room is designed to confuse you in order to make your logical brain work harder. Your responsibility is to find puzzles, solve riddles, and make sense of any mystery you come across.

You have one hour only to set yourself free. So make use of your time by sifting through the items in the room, looking at every nook and cranny. Keep in mind that everything around you is a possible piece of the puzzle. You need to solve riddles as quickly as you can because inside the escape room, time is of the essence.

Choosing the escape room

Different escape rooms differ in themes and puzzles. You can choose one that appeals to your sense of adventure and mystery. It is vital to choose an escape game in Berlin that offers the scenery and puzzles that you are already interested in. And besides, there is no rule that says you cannot try out all escape rooms.

After you played one escape game, you can opt for a second room and a third. It is your prerogative to try out every available escape game in Berlin, as long as you make a reservation first.

And if you come to a team, it is best to discuss the type of escape room to play in.

Winning the game

Of course, you can play the escape room game alone if you’re extremely confident with your abilities and smart mind. But before you go solo, it is ideal for working with a team to escape the room.

Emerging victorious is mostly accomplished when you are part of a team of 6 members, even less.

With more than one mind thinking, the hope of escape is brighter.

Winning the escape game is more rewarding when shared with family, friends, or colleagues.

And if you happen to be alone and no one to bring to the escape room game, you can join a team of strangers. Most of the time, complete strangers who are thrown into an escape game become fast friends. And they even continue to communicate outside the game establishment.

So not only do you have absolute fun, but you gain new friendships as well.

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