A vinyl wall decal is a decorative and dramatic touch on a simple and sad wall. Once installed, vinyl decals take on the appearance of paint, but without the clutter and flawless art that goes into painting graphics on a wall. Best of all, when you get tired of looking at cherry blossoms or giraffes, you can simply remove the decal and install another one without damaging the wall.

An endless variety

Vinyl wall decals can be anything and everything you can think of. They are available in prefabricated and custom designs, and have a wide variety of finishes. A mirrored wall decal can be hung in place of a heavy framed mirror to create a dramatic effect. A series of large mirrored circle stickers on a large wall or a wall completely covered with mirrored vinyl tiles makes a bold design statement. Chalkboard and whiteboard stickers in any shape or size can be used as a message center on doors, as a playful and interactive decoration in a child's room or as a shopping list in the kitchen. Imagine a wall full of elaborate and detailed glow-in-the-dark vinyl decals shaped like stars and planets, dragonflies, or fish. Fill a wall with vinyl text that recites your favorite poem or song lyrics, or a kitchen full of cabinets displaying vinyl recipes. A wall decal can be extremely detailed, like an intricate peacock, or graphically bold, like a single letter or fleur de lis. The possibilities are endless. Marine decals

Decorating Ideas with Vinyl Decals

The best thing about vinyl decals is the ability to customize them to suit your design aesthetic and interests. If you can't get enough of the Civil War, Gatling gun vinyl decal! If you like marine biology, vinyl aquarium! Obsessed with architecture? Vinyl bows, gargoyles, or columns! Consider your home decor. The modern and elegant decoration could present a dramatic style,

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