Summer is the season of ants. They constantly search for food and store them for the coming winter. The ants not only infest your homes but also can be seen in backyard and garden areas too. If the infestation is serious they may enter your car. However, most ants are common and non- poisonous. Whereas some ant species are immensely poisonous and pose many health risks. Search for ants in and around your home and if you found any, seek professional ant control service as fast as you can. Continue reading to learn more about expert advice given by professionals to control ants.

Easy To Follow Tips To Prevent Ants This Summer!

Identify The Ant Type

The primary step is to identify the species of ant that has infested your place. This is the most reliable way to get effectively rid of these creepy pests. Generally, there are three types of ants found in Australia. Namely:

Fire Ants: Damages and stings the plant roots.
House Ants: These ants give out an unpleasant odour when you crush them.
Carpenter Ants: Mostly live in woods by making tunnels in them.

When you analyse the kind of ant infestation you have, follow the below-mentioned tips to get them off your place.

Keep Your House Neat & Clean

Neat and well-kept house repel ants. So, you can try out this defensive method. Wipe off the food spills when they occur, sweep the leftover food from kitchen slabs and dispose of the dustbin immediately. Additionally, you can spray vinegar and water mixture on your dining tables to keep ants at par.

Ensure your tree barks and shrubs are not touching your windows & doors. Trim them regularly.
Clean up the spills and crumbs as they occur.
Always use sealed containers to store food.
Repair and seal up the gaps, cracks and small holes that can be accessed by ants.

Search For Ant Nest

If you are able to find ant nests half of the problem is over. Ants mostly make nestings in holes, cracks and mud. They moreover search for damp and moist areas to breed. For example- your bathrooms, exterior walls and attics can be great spots. You may also search for leaks and water-prone areas of your home. Searching for ant nests can sometimes be time-consuming work. So, for quick ant inspections and control, appoint a pest control service.

Remember The Yard

In case you have mounds or ant hills in the yard area, try treating them with a low toxic insecticide. Also keep trimming the grass, bushes and trees at regular time intervals. The ants not only pose health risks but also damage your kitchen garden and flowering. So, if you do not want to lose your precious yard area, take prompt action against ants.

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