Knowing the EOT cranes installation and maintenance best practices will help you get the best out of your equipment. In most of the industries it is installed for the first time when the industrial unit is erected and in other limited situations the existing cranes are replaced due to maintenance issues. In other words, in most situations it is new equipment to people and they are to a certain extent unfamiliar with the operations of the equipment.  
Before you proceed with the usage of the equipment make sure that the EOT crane you have purchased is installed as the safety guidelines of the crane manufacturers. It is important that all the safety factors are taken into account and implemented not only during the installation phase but also after the installation.  
EOT cranes are used to shift heavy weight industrial material from one place to the other within the industrial space. All the movable parts of the equipment should be well greased and the movement should not be obstructed in any way. The entire crane path should be kept cleared. Human movement in those areas should be restricted and closely monitored to avoid all kinds of hazards and risks.  
Make sure that your EOT cranes receive standard power supply that is stable in nature. Power fluctuations will damage the motors and it will affect the overall performance of the equipment.  
You should have daily, weekly and monthly inspection and maintenance schedule of the EOT cranes. Lack of adequate maintenance will lead to frequent repairs and unnecessary maintenance expenses. It is important that you do not wait for things to go wrong before you conducted your maintenance inspections.  
Do not leave the equipment unattended when it is running. Only designated, trained and qualified people should be allowed to operate the cranes. Everyone in the floor should however been given orientation on the safety measures to be taken in terms of emergencies.  
Whenever there is a maintenance issue make sure to attend to such issues immediately without running the equipment under faulty conditions. Further to that, never operate the equipment beyond its capacity at any point of time.  
If the equipment is not going to be used for a considerable period of time due to maintenance reasons or other such reasons, make sure proper measures are taken before the crane operations are stopped. Similarly, if you are resuming the operations of the crane after a long break make sure that you are taking adequate maintenance efforts to ensure smooth starting of the equipment.  
In case of repair and maintenance, get genuine spare parts from the manufacturers and have the issue attended by qualified technicians. Never allow untrained technicians to attend to repairs just because you think that it is a simple task.  


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If you follow all the best practices in using your EOT cranes, you will be able to ensure the highest level of safety. You will also be able to get the best service out of your equipment.