To really KNOW is to be in direct, even intimate relationship. Do you truly desire to have this with the Truth of Source and the Law of Attraction?

It’s tempting to be aware of this information, talk about it, wish about it yet never KNOW it to the point of living it. It seems so much easier this way than doing what might be required of us, but ultimately our experience is the opposite; life can feel more difficult and even chaotic without it.

All knowing starts with thought. Our conscious thoughts are what go into our subconscious memory bank. This means any thought in our subconscious can be changed by our conscious (deliberate) thought. The most direct method to do this, according to Ernest Holmes, is to KNOW we did not inherit spiritual limitations in any form. Learned and inherited them from others—yes; inherited them from Source—no. This means we can choose to step away from limiting beliefs we have, we can step away from limiting beliefs our families, friends, education systems, religions, races, cultures, and society have. This is only one step toward the Truth, and one that may take time, but it’s worth it.

Your thoughts become YOUR law, and the Law of Attraction matches them, however long it takes. The degree your subconscious thoughts are united with the Truth of Law of Attraction is the same degree you use it In Unity… meaning deliberately in your favor and based in the Truth.

“To learn how to think is to learn how to live,” wrote Holmes. “This is not done by holding thoughts, but by knowing the Truth.” Holding thought is the same as wishing or hoping, which is very different from knowing and being unified with the Truth. However, this is often the first way we begin to move along this path; but our goal is to KNOW and be in unity with the Truth. We learn the Truth through what we read or hear about it, but we come to know it through observation and practice.

Your sustained or prevalent emotions—in each moment—reveal your relationship with the Truth of Source and Law of Attraction—in each moment. This is why choosing to feel good or better is so important. This is easier to do when you know and trust the Truth of Source and Law of Attraction, and not based on your perceptions about how circumstances appear to be.

The thoughts you choose put you into or out of alignment with the Truth. Alignment results in the feelings you desire; misalignment results in the feelings you don’t want. Either of these ways of feeling produces outcomes and experiences that give you more of what you feel. Something I do when I notice I don’t feel the way I want to—have a feeling I don’t want to have as my vibration that gets matched (and choose to stop myself from doing this)—is to pull up a positive memory of genuine appreciation, one with no negatives attached to it. I match my vibration to that memory, and this causes me to recall that time as a blessing, to FEEL that blessing, which re-minds me there are many, many times to appreciate, possibly even to consider everything a blessing or worthy of appreciation, even if it’s not quite yet apparent.

If you feel negative, recognize you’re out of alignment with Source, Truth, and the Law; and that you can anticipate or expect to experience some or all of the results of this misalignment of your vibration with what you desire to feel. At the time you recognize this, it is YOUR choice to continue down that path—as Abraham-Hicks says, to “go against the stream of your well-being,” or to shift this so you’re back into flowing with it. Again, this is more easily, and deliberately, done when you know and identify with the Truth of Source and Law of Attraction.

This Spiritual Realization leads you to discern rather than decide based on emotional reactions; and to understand the TRUTH is that Source has divine wisdom applied to a divine evolving plan, and applies it in your favor despite some appearances. But, you are part of this evolution, so you can influence how smooth or rough your inner experiences are.

It also means you realize Source fulfills your feeling-based thoughts as requests—according to the Law put in place for you; and allows leeway for your thinking to guide you to empowered, enlightened relationship with the Truth of Source and the Law. This practice shortens the gap between an event and your choices that follow, as well as your choices before events, and about how to be, do, and have what you choose at the inner level, which eventually shows up in the outer one. Each time you have a realization, you KNOW a bit more. As you practice you’ll gain knowing; so, you’ll have a mix of current beliefs and knowing operating simultaneously. But, any KNOWING can help you during times when your beliefs take you away from well-being.

You can’t look at what others do who are not in relationship with the Truth, follow their example, and expect the results you desire—that is, how you desire to feel. This means you sometimes have to stand alone in the physical world, though never spiritually: Source is always with you. Nor do you have to talk about this with others in an infringing way, especially to bolster your belief… or theirs. Sometimes you have to practice Silent Power, and speak about your process only if others ask why you’re able to be calmer and happier no matter what appearances may be. Just be aware that not many will ask. They may even think something is wrong or off with you.

Knowing the Truth of Source and Law of Attraction doesn’t mean a completely “problem”-free life; though, you’ll likely, eventually, interpret “problems” differently, begin to notice that everything is a puzzle piece moving and fitting into position. It does mean deliberate choice of serenity and joy instead of inner turmoil. It means understanding you have create-ability, as well as a reNEWed responsibility over your choices. It means willingness to give up attachment to lack, self-doubt, worry, and any other belief and feeling that’s opposite of the stream of well-being… accomplished over time, as you grow into your knowing. This is part of your individualized evolution within the larger one you play a part in.

What are you doing to KNOW—be in an intimate relationship with—the Truth better, to trust it… to live it? No one can do it for you, only you. And you are fully equipped to do so, as soon as you allow yourself to do so. And allow that this will more likely unfold over time rather than burst into being… though, that could happen.

Practice makes progress.
© Joyce Shafer

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