When it comes to preparing smoothies, your blender’s quality plays an essential role in achieving the perfect texture. Blenders are different in terms of function, speed and blades, something that can be confusing especially if you are not sure what you need.

Blenders are not made in the same way. If you are a newbie and you go for a blender with a metal container, ensure it is stainless steel.The other is to ensure that your blender is dishwasher safe so that you can always keep it clean and safe. Speed control is also important, especially in instances where you need to start at a slow pace to break large fruit or ice chunks.

Another aspect is capacity. If you are looking for a quick individual serving, then a single-serving blender would just work fine. On the other hand, if you need to blend in batches, then a large kitchen blender would be more appropriate. Get more details about kitchen blender on kitchenhabit.com.

So, what are some of the top blender types?

Kitchen Blenders

Countertop kitchen blenders are ideal for thicker mixtures or bulk blending. Despite these blender having more parts to clean, they are a larger capacity and are more versatile.Most of the kitchen blenders some with variable speeds which means that you can use any ingredient and still get a smooth blend. One of the top blenders in this category is Ninja Smart Screen CT650.

Single-Serve Blenders

The single-serve blenders are high powered and ideal for a single-serving shake or smoothie. When you are done blending, you only need to tip the container, attach the spout and enjoy.The blender is strong to crush frozen fruit and ice. In the same way, the blender is compact enough just to occupy a small space of your countertop.One single-serve blender you can try is the Ninja personal blender.

Blender Bottles

There no better way of blending or mixing nutrition shakes and protein powders than using blender bottles. An excellent blender bottle will have a small ball whisk for mixing and aerating components as well as a leak-proof lid.
The only drawback is that you won’t have luck blending anything chunky – they are only ideal for quick powder blends. If you are looking for more power, you can go for the electric bottle – it can be held in hand and has a chargeable base. A Blender Bottle Pro Stak system is a great blender bottle.

Blender Combos

Some blenders are a combination of a mixer, food processor and blender. Owning a blender that performs all these functions will save you both counter space and money.With a great model, you can be able to make dough, extract fresh juice or even blend some frozen cocktail.

The ninja mega BL770 kitchen system is a good combo system.

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