In every religion and in every spiritual teaching throughout the ages, DeLight has remained as the hidden spiritual message to us all.

In Christianity, we are told that DeLight is a two-way path. By invoking God's Delight, Christians are taught that He will give them all the desires of their hearts. Christian mystics tell of their revelation that Divine Grace is simply another word describing the miraculous power of profound DeLight.

In Islam, we are taught that Gardens of Ineffable DeLight exist where every spirit is angelic and speaks only of love and peace while radiating out a profound, divine light from within. So inspired by this idea of DeLight, a mystic by the name of Rumi founded an esoteric movement called Sufism. He taught his followers how to encounter a perpetual experience of ecstatic DeLight through merging in oneness with the Infinite.

In Judaism, the Garden of Eden was none other than the Garden of Eternal DeLights fed by the Eternal River called DeLight.

Hinduism, known by scholars as the Religion of Delight, teaches of Ananda, referring to the most profound, ecstatic DeLight the Creator expresses and experiences while dreaming upon all that is created. Hinduism teaches us that we can all share in the experience of Ananda together by perceiving beyond the veil of physicality and seeing Source in everything.

Plato named DeLight as the only stairway to heaven.

Aristotle called DeLight the spontaneous movement of the Spirit within man when it fully encounters itself.

Even Buddhism teaches us to draw upon the DeLight of enlightenment when we are overtaken by the blissful experience of simultaneous emptiness and overwhelming fulfillment.

Yes, Ancient Egyptians also wrote of profound, ecstatic DeLight, recounting tales of its unmistakable presence in numerous hymns to their gods and goddesses.

Then there is Tantra, an ancient, esoteric spiritual practice that is often misunderstood and at times, greatly feared.

Tantra merely teaches us that we can experience enlightenment and ecstatic bliss following the most rapid path to personal enlightenment and transformation possible to man, the path known as Profound DeLight.

Certainly, nearly every religion and major spiritual avatar in the history of mankind has pointed to DeLight as the path for profound, immediate personal and worldwide transformation.

Why is DeLight the Answer?

Following various sacred texts over the years I learned how to manifest the DeLight of my spirit and I encountered a way to live a blissful life filled with passion, purpose and joy, married with an unconditional love and compassion for my neighbors and myself.

When we look past the flash and panache of this heady material lifestyle, we find a completely arid desert, empty of joy, of light, of life. We need only to remind ourselves us that a moderate path to our oasis in such a desert isn’t one that turns us completely away from our material joys. We are simply asked to find delights that bring us inherent joy from within, naturally.

Fleeting physical pleasures can give us a momentary sense of fun, but the perpetual state of profound DeLight comes from beyond a purely materialistic existence. Indeed, such profound, ineffable DeLight exists far beyond the limited palates of physics, chemistry and biology.

DeLight is a force that transforms everything in its path as it both catalyzes inspired action and harmonizes receptivity to its energy and its direction. It is the secret name for the most profound transcendental experience a human being can hope to experience in our mortal shells.

During my months of isolated imprisonment by a trafficker, I survived only because I focused on the sheer, ineffable delight I felt by imagining my children’s eyes, their laughter and their smiles. I discovered that I could leave my physical body behind to experience ecstatic states of delight in realms that existed far beyond that of my physical captivity.

Experiencing profound spiritual delight and ecstasy became my path back to the living after I escaped and began the arduous journey to healing and reclaiming myself. I now teach DeLight to my students and my readers as a simple, elegant, profoundly rewarding journey to reclaiming our light and our lives.

We are all of us Divine Expressions of Light and Love. We find in the experience of profound DeLight a subtle reminder about who we are and why we are here, for it becomes our most natural state of effortless, enlightened being.

Treasures of gold and jewels may arrest the spirit of a materially-oriented person temporarily, but gold and jewels to the spiritually awakened, DeLightfull being are that of everlasting peace, joy, sacredness, laughter, love, creativity, prosperity and bliss.

Author's Bio: 

Isis is a mystic and spiritual teacher of the simple art of sacred living through effortless immersion and daily practice of DeLight. Her teachings emphasize the necessity of accepting both our material gift of existence and our ethereal nature as we step into the Dawn of the Golden Age of Humanity.

Through contact with Isis lives begin to shift, unfold and transform. People who attend retreats, divine light awakenings, teachings and personal sessions report they feel more delighted with life, happier, more empowered, free to be who they are authentically.