If you saw Home Improvement with Tim Allen and remember only a few of the episodes, you will remember how much he loved going to trade shows and bringing home all kinds of free items from companies at the show. Now, you can do the same and use your gifts to help advertise your business. Creating custom vinyl decals that those who stop by your booth will want to put in your car with your company name and phone number will be an advertising tool that many never dreamed of using.

You can find a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes that you can use to advertise your business. The idea is to find some text or images that people want to put in their cars so that they receive publicity. You need to create something really cool, like custom vinyl decals created to look like bullet holes for a shooting range and of course your company name and phone number.

The same goes for a flower shop, a wedding caterer, a photographer, a daycare, or an automobile manufacturer. You will be amazed at the really cool decals you can find that everyone will want to put on their car, giving you publicity without paying a dime.

Custom vinyl decals are worth it as they are durable and will not be thrown in the trash bin after the show. How many times have you taken home all kinds of magnets, brochures, pens, erasers or rules with the information of a company about the article of a fair or conference? What about all these items? Well, magnets can go to the fridge if they look good, but the rest is put in a drawer and left.

This will not happen with vinyl decals if you create a unique one that people will want to show off. Vinyl decals made to look like bullet holes are amazing! They could not only be used by a shooting range, but even a security or bail company. Just think of something that catches your eye that may be related to your business or industry. A unit for a real estate agent with a saying, "You want your own with the phone number of the company," would be unique and would certainly attract attention. Use your imagination. You'll be able to find some great ideas for your own custom vinyl decals that everyone will want to have in their car.

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