Over the years, independent pharmacies and retail pharmacies have taken over independent pharmacies and patients are not in favor, working at an independently owned pharmacy for years, I have heard all the complaints. Independent pharmacies are based solely on patients and their needs. Customer service is the number one priority at independent pharmacies. They provide services and opportunities that chain stores would never think to try. Seeing how independent pharmacies are becoming less popular is not good for the future of healthcare, and the pharmaceutical industry is becoming a warehouse-style system with no customer service or face-to-face medication consultation.

By eliminating independent pharmacies, you bring in well-trained professionals who educate and provide customers with information about their daily medications and their safety and dangers. You can enter any independent pharmacy and personally consult with the pharmacist about any type of question or concern. Believe it or not, people have said that the pharmacist at retail pharmacies will refuse to talk to you about questions and will ask you to call an answering service if they are too busy. Independent pharmacists not only educate patients about their medications, but also provide services and information about vaccines, diabetes management, and preventive screenings.

Independent pharmacists and technicians will go above and beyond to help you handle any type of problem, such as transferring your prescriptions to your pharmacy or finding out the correct insurance information. When you call a pharmacy where you want to get your medications and they need to be transferred, some chain pharmacies can take up to forty-eight hours to make the call, but with independent pharmacies it can take thirty minutes depending on whether they can get a medication. from the transfer pharmacy, it's just a simple phone call that makes it seem like a lot of work. When patients need their medication, it's usually not something they can wait for next week to pick up or until the pharmacist has "time" to transfer it, it's something they need right away, even if it's a maintenance medication, it's still not good . miss a dose and mess up your body's routine. Additionally, independent pharmacies have a MUCH shorter wait time than chain or retail pharmacies. They tell you that sometimes it will take up to two days before they can have your medication ready and that you cannot even speak to a person when you call, you have to speak to an automated machine to resolve it. At independent pharmacies, if it's an easy fill or a quick refill, we can get it on and off in five to ten minutes.

The next thing I'm going to discuss about independent pharmacies is the specialization they can do for you. Not only can you personally speak to workers and ask specific questions, but they will also order things that are specifically tailored to your needs and keep them in stock just for you. Many independent pharmacies stock all kinds of braces, compression stockings, diabetic supplies, and many other items you can't find at a chain store. Also, they will order something for you if they don't have it, let's say you wanted a Velcro back clamp instead of lace; they would be more than willing to order it that day and have it the next morning. Many independent pharmacies also compose medications, which is a big problem, especially when the manufacturer runs out of a certain medication. For example, last year, when the swine flu came, nobody could ask for Tamiflu, the medicine to treat it, but our pharmacists could combine it with the things they had and saved people from having to drive for miles to find them.

Another advantage of maintaining independent pharmacies is that most of them have a free delivery service. Just like in the pharmacy where I work, we have someone who comes every day and takes people who just got out of surgery, someone who is really sick, an older person who can't drive, or someone who just doesn't can get to the store. before we close their medicine. It makes a big difference in your day if you don't have to struggle with the hassle of finding ways to get there or being miserable because you are so sick. It simply shows customers that we really care about their needs and whether we are meeting them.

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