Adding resistance to your everyday workout routines has been a trend in the world of health and fitness. There are many equipments today that you could incorporate in your daily exercises so that your workout could be more effective and satisfying. Some popular items that anyone could use in his/her daily routines are weight vest, resistance bands, and an ankle weights that is becoming more popular today. Incorporating ankle weights in your daily exercises definitely add strength and excitement to your exercise routine. The good thing is, it is low cost, could be the lowest among equipments.

When you buy ankle weights, one should know their true benefits, and not just buy the item because it’s on trend. The benefits you can get in wearing ankle weights are truly amazing. Are you wondering what these benefits are? Let’s find out!

Improved Balance

The use of ankle weights is linked to an increase in balance. Take note that muscles in the ankle are very small, yet they are overused all day. One cannot walk, run, jump without these small muscles working to maintain your balance. If you are interested in using ankle weights to improve your balance, it is recommended that you add ankle weights after taking the time to warm up the muscles. You can perform simple stretching out or do some foam roller exercises for a quick exercises before using ankle weights.

Tones legs

Incorporating ankle weights into any daily routine also helps improve range of motion. This allows for a little wiggle room when practicing in toning the legs. And did you know that aside from using ankle weight, you may also use leg weights. It’s something that is really intended in toning the legs. Most women want to achieve that toned legs. You may start incorporating ankle weights or leg weights in your daily exercise.

Add variety to workouts

Ankle weights and leg weights undoubtedly add variety to workout routines. Though these tools aren’t incorporated everyday without regimens, in most cases, using them should provide a higher level of challenge.

Take note that using ankle weights or leg weights everyday without proper stretching may cause extra strain on the muscle and ligaments in ankles and legs which may be harmful. Water aerobics and cardiovascular exercises these equipments have the power to change a mundane of movements into powerful ones that engage more group of muscles, and creating an opportunity for an extra challenge in working out

Helps in Burning Calories

Because the human body is using more energy while incorporating ankle weights, it’s also a great help in burning calories. You exert so much effort and use more energy when you move with ankle weights or leg weights attached to your body, thus, simply burn calories.

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