The technique you use to apply decals to the armor model is essential. If you didn't do a good job, glitches will appear after the "weathering" process. Decals tend to adhere better on shiny surfaces compared to flat surfaces. If you apply decals directly to a flat painted model, small white air bubbles will appear under the clear decal film when it dries. To resolve this issue, apply a patch of clear gloss varnish to the area before applying the decal. Another method is to paint the entire model with gloss paint followed by a final coat of matte varnish after all the decals have been applied.

Here is a brief guide to applying decals on armor models:

1. The first step is to trim away excess clear film from the edges of the decal. This is to prevent excess film from reappearing after weathering.

2. Dip the decal in a container of clean water for about 30 to 60 seconds. The decal film will slowly begin to peel off the paper backing.

3. Then, transfer the decal out of the clean water and leave it on a paper towel for about a minute. This step is to remove excess water from the decal and allows the adhesive on the film to soften.

4. Lift the decal next to the backing sheet and place it against the model.

5. Use a damp cotton swab to press against the decal to hold it still and slowly slide the paper back. Always remember to slide the backrest instead of the decal itself. This is to prevent the decal from tearing or folding over on itself. Use a pair of pliers to hold the small decal paper backing.

6. Use your fingertips to moisten the decal with water and gently adjust it on the model to achieve the exact location you want. motorcycle decals

7. After you have finished aligning the decal, gently purge any air bubbles trapped between the decal and the model with your fingertips. A good approach is to start from the center of the decal and press out.

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