Broadway musicals have always been the most exciting part of Broadway for me. They have songs that make it worth watching the show and not just watch it, but also enjoy it. An even better thing is that they have albums that will constantly remind you of music even though the program is not running.

It doesn't matter who the playwright is or if the show has received criticism or not. There are shows that will surely leave you spellbound with how realistic they can be. Broadway musicals actually take us to another time and place that makes us forget about the real world for a moment.

There are movies that have become Broadway musicals. Some people like to call them Disney on Broadway, and I agree that it's a title that fits the show quite well. These shows are even more successful with children because of how they accelerate the wide reach of children's imaginations.

No matter how old or how old you are, musicals are for everyone. Unlike other plays, it is rare to find one that has an age restriction. This will only happen with wicked plays. Technological advances have done little to influence Broadway. People who feel that they may not enjoy theater will always have the option of going to the cinema to watch movies on the big screen. However, if you are sure you want maximum excitement, then Broadway is the way to go.

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Even for once in your life, it will be nice to be able to attend a Broadway musical.