We all know that all dogs do big and small for one reason or another. If you own one or more of the small breed dogs like Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese, Chihuahuas just to name a few that I have over the years, you have heard the many different barks at different times.

I'm sure you agree with me that barking can be incredible at times.

Many dogs of smaller breed bark for various reasons. Like humans, they are trying to communicate to you that they have something to say or that something is different in their environment and they need to investigate the situation.

Barking is a means of getting your attention so you can help them fix things.

Here are some reasons why my two small breed dogs do so much.

o Running out of drinking water signals an episode of barking

o A favorite toy has disappeared in action and the barking begins again

o Sudden and strange loud noises that they do not know will start a barking madness

o The UPS truck pulling into my driveway or the Harley-Davidson motorcycle next door will scare them into barking fast

o Strangers ring my doorbell.

o People they know and trust leave the house

These are the few examples I have observed that make my small purebred dogs very insecure and uncomfortable in their own home.

Familiar sounds in my home that they are used to and they do not make when the phone rings, my loud dishwasher starts to cycle, turns on the TV or my famous neighbors come and go.

So now that you know why small breed dogs do so much, you can start training your dog to get used to the strange and unfamiliar sounds that occur daily in your home as quickly as possible.

In fact, be sure to avoid exposing your dog to the strange and disturbing sounds that you know they find alarming.

Now you are ready to take the next important steps towards training your little dog to get used to unfamiliar sounds in their own home environment.

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Barking is a means of getting your attention so you can help them fix things.