The first synthetic urea was created accidently in 1828 by chemist Friedrich Wohler. Today, you can purchase – legally in 32 states, illegally in 18 – a combination of urea, creatinine, pH balance, water, and/or uric acid. This is artificial or synthetic urine. The makers claim it’s for fetish purposes, but everyone knows it’s to try to cheat a drug test.

Artificial urine by itself isn’t enough to pass a test. Not only does it have to contain the proper ingredients to match up to human urine, but it must be the right pH, the right density or specific gravity, the right color and odor, and even the right temperature. There are also several additional chemicals some labs will test for. For about twenty dollars, you can buy a cheap version that might help you pass a simple drug test (but probably won’t). More convincing versions cost between eighty and a hundred dollars.

If you’re trying to pass a drug test, therefore, your problem isn’t only finding something that contains the proper ingredients. You have to figure out how to smuggle that product into the testing site and make sure nobody sees you pouring it into the container. You also have to make sure it’s the right temperature when you do swap it out. Human urine is between 96- and 100-degrees Fahrenheit, and the lab will accept anything between 90 and 100. So you’ve got a very narrow range of temperature you have to hit. That usually means heating pads or a synthetic compound that heats up when mixed with water.

Artificial urine can come in a powder form that you must mix yourself, or as a premixed liquid. You can even get a delivery system (that costs even more) which will mimic either a penis or a female urethra to make it more realistic. The more expensive synthetics come with the heating elements needed. They also come without preservatives, which a competent lab will also test for. Click here for detailed information on artificial urine.

Many employers use drug testing to either weed out potentially dangerous situations (drivers who are intoxicated or someone working with dangerous machinery who’s not in total control of their body) or to reduce medical costs (a baby born addicted can cost the company thousands of dollars in insurance payments). Originally, it was thought the possibility of a drug test would help drug addicts to quit their habit. However, it doesn’t really encourage addicts to get clean – it just encourages them to stay away from employers who do use drug tests.

But does artificial urine actually work? In certain cases it does. If you’re facing a very basic test, you can often falsify your results and end up with a passing result. If your test is more complex, however, you’ve wasted your time and might even face charges if you live in one of the states where falsifying a drug test is illegal.

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