Knock knee is a condition in which the person's feet are far apart when standing. Usually, the distance is said to be 3 inches between both legs. However, it has been believed that 80% of Genu valgum cases resolve themselves over time in children, but in adults, it needs to get treated.

But ever wonder how you will get to know you are suffering from the knocked knee? In that case, you may feel changes in your walk or pain in your body, but apart from it just gets diagnosed when you start seeing gaps in between your leg.

How is genu valgum diagnosed?

To diagnose Genu valgum, the specialist such as will check out the medical history of the person suffering from knocked knees. They will also analyze the patient family's health and history. This is because knocked knee occurs genetically at certain times in children.

When a child or adult suffers from knocked knee, the bone disease or arthritis is checked and treated. The specialist will tell the patient to walk and stand during the physical examination to measure the condition.

Besides this, they will also look at-

  • Inequality in the length of your leg
  • The angle of the knee alignment
  • The soles of the shoes you have worn

If the case is diagnosed easily, then the treatment gets started. Otherwise, an MRI or X-ray is conducted to get a brief idea of bone structure.

How can you treat knock knee?

Once diagnosed with Genu valgum, you may feel a bit unconscious as it will affect your day-to-day activities. For example, maybe you feel pain while walking or running, or your standing position may become awkward, but you do not have to worry as there are several ways to treat it.

 Thus, if you are suffering from a knock-knee and want to know how you can fix the knock-knee, for that, here are some options available to pick from.

  • Weight loss

It is believed that obesity plays an important role in the knocked knee. Due to the overweight, the person's body feels heavy, which adds pressure to your knees and deteriorates their alignment. Due to this, it is really important to control your weight and follow a healthy diet plan. It will help you reduce the effect of knocked knees

  • Knee braces

With knee braces, you can keep your knee in position, which will help you correct the alignment of your knees. However, it is effective when you wear it the whole day.

  • Knock knee surgery

If knee braces, exercise, or shoes don't work for you, then the last option you have is to get surgery done. However, it will effectively solve the issue of knocked knees easily.

With some of these ways, you can easily treat your knocked knee. If a child is suffering from the condition, opt for exercises and wait for a time as development can reduce it, but if an adult is suffering from knocked knee and other ways are not giving them results, you can go for surgeries.

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