One wonders how materialism, the doctrine that "life can be explained by a sophisticated combination of physical and chemical laws," could have been accepted for so long by most scientists. Probably the reason is that it is an emotional need to exalt the problem to which you want to dedicate your entire life.
-Eugene Wigner

Unexamined life is not worth living

Invisible matter, 10 invisible dimensions, vibrating superstrings, inflated universes, 10E500 unknown worlds, collapsed wave functions, antimatter, the God particle, black holes, colliding multibrakes, Big Bangs, Big Crunches, and heat deaths.

This is the world of modern cosmology. A field of thought that has lost its way, although few seem to notice.

While many of us are busy with our daily lives, raising families, putting food on the table, navigating traffic jams, testing the newest electronic devices, and following the romantic lives of celebrities, our top scientists have come up with a worldview to do. good science fiction if it weren't written in college textbooks, taught to our kids, and considered mainstream.

We have given scientists the job of explaining the world, and in time, we assume that they will come back with a suitable answer.

Assigning this important task to scientists frees us from the hassle of tackling the big questions: who are we, what are we doing here, and where the world is going.

This might not seem like such a bad arrangement except for one fact: we only have one life to lead, and handing over control of our fundamental belief systems to modern science without any kind of critical or independent review may seem a bit shortsighted if not foolhardy. .

Today, it is intellectually fashionable to attack the New Age, Spiritualists, and Intelligent Design movement in the name of Almighty Science, while the belief system of science has not been questioned. This is because we have come to believe that science is the forefront of reason, experimentation, and truth, while spiritualism is practiced by those who cannot accept reality.

And of course, we are all free to take this point of view and simply assume that as long as we are on the side of science we will win the argument.

What is this dubious conception of reality?

That an autonomous world of matter and space exists independent of the mind and operates beyond the control of the mind. This is the assumption underlying the entire theory of modern science, from medical science, which treats diseases as if they originate in the body, to cosmology, which seeks the secrets of the universe further into the universe, rather than the depths of the soul.

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But it is not as simple as that. It turns out that if we look closely at the theoretical framework of modern science, we find a fatal flaw. This flaw is that our current scientific worldview is based on a conception of reality that scientists know is not true.