It is a well-known fact that in the election campaign, the now President Obama carried lucky charms and talismans with him, including those that were pressured by supporters while on the election campaign. The question is, did these help him win the presidency? And furthermore, could they be helping him now as he makes his way through the difficult and transformative first months of his presidency?

Of course, there are those who reject this idea, but when you think about it, who can say that they did NOT actually help him win, or that they are not helping him now? Let's take a look at what these good luck charms can represent, even for the skeptics among us. And then let's take a look at them and what they represent in case they actually have real power

Good luck charms represent "good wishes" and "positive energy"

First of all, those who wished him well in the election campaign gave him many of these good luck charms. Even if he didn't necessarily believe in the power of those good luck charms, they certainly must have represented something in terms of the good wishes given to him by those who placed these charms and charms in his hands.

He also wore lucky charms that certainly had absolute personal meaning, such as a bracelet that belonged to a soldier who was deployed in Iraq, as well as others that represented certain belief systems, such as a small "Madonna and Child", a god. monkey "that supposedly represents the Hindu god Hanuman, and" the luck "of a player. All of these charms represent at least the goodwill of those who gave them to Obama, which in turn could represent a truly positive energy for him and a positive mindset, and in fact this could have helped him win just because of that.

Also, if these charms have a truly positive meaning for Obama himself based on his own personal value system, then they do help support, again, positive energy and "good luck" as he lives his life. Think about that for a second; Most of us don't think of a devout Catholic who wears a rosary, or a Christian who wears a cross around his neck as a means of comfort and peace. And, in fact, these also annoyed by "good luck charms" because they provide this positive energy to those who believe in them.

Good luck charms for everyone?

If we take this further, then why can't good luck charms be for everyone? Depending on your own personal belief and value system, you too may find a "good luck charm" that can really bring you peace and good luck in your life. Whether you are skeptical of "good luck" or not, you can certainly see that having a talisman that makes you feel more positive and protected can bring you good luck simply because you have suddenly changed from feeling vulnerable and unprotected to feeling powerful and protected. positive. And that, in turn, can bring you good luck.

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