Anubias Pangolino aquatic plant is scarce to find. The plant is even smaller than the Anubias Nana Petite. The growth of the Pangolino is faster, and the leaves of the aquatic plant are strong and healthy. The growth of the Anubias plant is excellent when it comes in contact with the rocks and sands in the rivers or streams. The carbon dioxide is helpful in the faster growth of the plants. The light requirements for the aquatic plants are light and medium.

For the faster growth of the plant, they can consume algae for nutrients. The propagation process in the Anubias plants is easy and straightforward. A part of the plant is cut, and rhizomes are replanted there. The person should take care that the rhizomes are not connected to the roots of the aquatic plant. The Anubias Pangolino and Anubias Nana Petite have a good response in regular fertilization. They are healthy aquatic plants and survive in a variety of environments.

How propagation takes place in Anubias Nana Petite and Anubias Pangolino?

Anubias is a semi-aquatic plant. They are mainly found in western Africa. The growth of the plants takes mostly place in the freshwater of rivers and streams. The leaves of the plants are dark and thick in appearance, and roots of the aquatic plant are attached to the rocks and sands in underwater. The plants can produce flowers in the water and should be kept on the darker side of the aquarium. If they come in contact with the light, algae will develop on the leaves of the aquatic plant. It is easy for the experts to take care of the aquatic plants. The requirement for light and nutrients are less for these marine plants. It is difficult for the fish to eat the plants, so they are suitable for goldfish consumption.

Propagation in the plants is done by creating artificial environments. The process is completed by stealing a part of the plant and putting it above the first layer of the other plant. The species of the Anubias Nana Petite and Anubias Pangolino are becoming extinct. So, to increase their community, it is beneficial. It should be considered that the stolen shoot part should be above the central part for the survival of the aquatic plants. Instead of planting the aquatic plants directly in the soil, attachment to the rocks is preferable. By planting on the rocks, the rhizomes will not be attached to the roots of the plant and they will not die.

The natural propagation of aquatic plants is slow. It takes around three weeks for the reproduction or more. The more significant results are observed when they are planted with not carbon dioxide taking plants. They will grow faster in the presence of carbon dioxide and high light. The length and width of all the species vary in size. For increasing the number of these plants rapidly, hobbyists are creating artificial environments. Some of the species are also grown. For this purpose, they should have remained under the research.

How to take care of the Anubias Nana Petite and Anubias Pangolino?

The Anubias Nana Petite and Anubias Pangolino are the slow-growing aquatic plants. The maintenance and care of the species of the plant are easy. There should be regular cutting of the shoots of the plant. The plants grow well in freshwater. The rivers or streams in which the plants are planted should be kept clean. The increasing pollution in the river will kill the aquatic plants in the tank. As the water of the river or tank will become toxic, that will cause harm to plant life. The water of the tank should be changed after a specific period for removing the pollutants. The plants will get proper light in the clean tank. The cleaning of the tank or river will result in pure and fresh water for the Anubias Nana Petite and Anubias Pangolino aquatic plants.

The clear water will increase the growth of the plants, and they will provide proper nutrients to the plant. Freshwater is the source of the right nutrients for aquatic plants. If the growth of the plants is not enough, then there are many nutrients available in the market for aquatic plants. The proportion of the nutrients should be appropriate in the rivers or streams. Excessive nutrients will harm the lives of the aquatic plants Anubias Nana Petite and Anubias Pangolino and animals. These plants absorb carbon dioxide. So, the hobbyists can also add carbon dioxide with the nutrients supplements. Everything should have an appropriate proportion in the rivers and streams. Excessive carbon dioxide can kill the fish in the tank. So, proper consideration should be given in the maintenance of the aquatic plants. The prices of some aquatic plants can be higher because of the roots attachment to rocks and sand.

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