Nowadays, advanced scientific technologies make it possible for people to fake their scalps and brow eyelashes with short hair. The permanent or semi-permanent tattooed type inks are available with the cosmetologists filled in the hair follicles to make them appear natural. Some people suffer from less hair growth, but less hair in men indirectly tells that he has more testosterone production in his body. But those who are not happy with few or no hair, science have a solution for it. It is assumed that micro pigmentation is a permanent (sometimes semi-permanent) tattoo that is made with the help of skin-friendly inks.

4 places on your body where you can do micro pigmentation:

1. On scalp: Micro-pigmentation on the scalp is also known as SMP and is a procedure followed by bald people to make their scalp look somewhat fuller and hairy. In chicago SMP treatment, the colored inks of your choice are pinged into the hair follicles of the head. It makes their head look dense and make it look like tiny hair is present over there.
2. On lips: Many people who do not have fuller or reddish lips crave for them, and that is when they choose to micro pigment their lips. The tiny needles impart colored ink into the skin follicles that make them look like natural lips. Several celebrities, especially females, opt for this beneficial and glamorous process to increase their followers. It helps them make more sensual because big lips are commonly linked with high fertility.

3. On brows: The step to fill up the eyebrows is much more adapted than any other body parts because it is much easier and takes a little time compared to others. Eyebrows are a vital part of our face, and therefore, it is suggested to choose inks of brownish color for this purpose as it looks the most natural amongst all colors.
4. On eyelashes: The most rarely selected area for micro-pigmentation is an eyelash. It is a bit riskier than other types because the risk of ink getting into the eyes is higher. But somehow, models and influencers opt this to avoid heavy makeup over eyelashes in the future.

There are also options available that offer micro-pigmentation of other parts of the body where a person needs to look hairy. Although this process is a bit expensive, it takes very little time to complete the process. The whole procedure continues for 4-5 months, and every session is of 3 to 4 hours. Two weeks of a gap is given for the healing of the previous session. It is said that there might be a bit bleeding on the bruises, but the sensation will be bearable.

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