Online therapy or online counselling is an alternative option of face-to-face therapy and proven to be convenient and accessible. More Australians are increasingly becoming more aware and addressing their mental health issues. Online therapy will allow people to address their mental health issues at ease, convenience and affordable prices.

Who can benefit from online counselling?
Online counselling is especially convenient for those with busy schedules, who find it difficult to make appointment times with face-to-face therapists. It is also beneficial for people who do not have vast access to mental health resources, or regional areas where mental health services are limited. The Employee Assistant Program for businesses will also help organisations retain employees, increase productivity and efficiency.

What do I requirefor online counselling?
You will require any smart device that has either Apple IOS Appstore or Google Play store to install the ‘MyMind Therapy App’. Chat is synchronous between each device, meaning you can sign in from both an iphone or ipad and continue your conversation with your therapist.

When does online counselling begin?
As soon as you download the ‘MyMind Therapy App’, you will be guided to sign up and complete a series of questions. The answers to these questions will match you to the best 3 therapists for you, using a unique algorithm. Once you have chosen your therapist and subscribed to a plan, you can begin online therapy with your therapist straight away. Your therapist will reply to you at least once a day through text, audio and video messaging (depending on the plan you have chosen).

Where can counselling take place?
Counselling can begin anywhere, anytime. The purpose of the app is to provide convenience and ease of accessibility for you to access therapy at any given time and place of your choice. Imagine carrying around your own personal therapist in your pocket on your device!

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Why use online therapy and counselling services?

Sometimes face-to-face counselling is too expensive or there are lengthy wait times to see a therapist. Alternatively, you may want to have more regular therapy at a touch of a button. Online therapy is an alternative way of therapy, an innovation to the traditional approach. It may not be suited for all, or it may be the perfect fit to address your mental health needs!