Going back to "normal" will no longer exists in any parts of the world after the pandemic is over. This pandemic happened for many reasons, one of those reasons being for the creation of a "New World." No, not a One World Order, but a New World of Love, Light and Godliness. God, The Most High, The Holy Spirit or the Spirit of God will always utilize "Man" to get the Holy Work done. At the end of each "Age or Era," there will always be destruction in some form to bring about newness. You will not like how the newness is brought about nor do you have any control over what happens. Man becomes too comfortable in his/her existence, so in order to inspire man to move forward and evolve, the Holy Spirit must orchestrate worldly events for the purposes of inspiring transition to higher levels of existing. It does not matter if man chooses to evolve when the Holy Spirits makes Its visitation in the world; the Holy Spirit is going to get the Holy Work done by any means necessary, no matter whether man chooses to evolve or not. The Holy Work has a designated time for completion and The Holy Work is always completed exactly on time.

Man can choose as he/she wishes. Man can choose not to evolve. Man has his/her own freewill to do whatever he/she wants to do. Man does not have to participate in evolution; however, man's non-participation in evolution and ascension will therefore result in man eventually perishing. The goal for man is to "make the transition to the other side" after COVID-19. This current pandemic is the present day Noah's Ark Flood. A different version of this destruction and rebuilding happens every 400 years. It is a necessary transition. This is a transition not determined by man on earth. There is nothing that man can do to prevent, stop or continue the current events. This pandemic's ending already has a preordained time. There is no vaccination, no masks, or no six feet of separateness that will determine the ending date of this pandemic. When The Most High God, The Holy Spirit is satisfied and see that the Holy Work is good, then will this pandemic end. THIS IS JUDGMENT. Everybody will be judged according to their individual works. Every single thing that is happening is happening because the Spirit of God orchestrated it and made it so. This transition is the sole work of the Holy Spirit, God, The Most High. The Holy Spirit only uses man to bring the Holy Work into fruition. Man chooses on his/her own to move forward. If your heart was in the right place before this pandemic and you were doing the inner spiritual work required for this transition, you have nothing to worry about. "Be not deceived. God is not mocked. For Whatsoever A Man Soweth, That Shall He Also Reap."

The transition to the New World begins after COVID-19 ends. This new transition will happen not by you looking for it. There is no certain date that this New World will come into manifestation. It is nothing like you see in the movies. You will just know when it happens. If you make the transition to the other side after COVID-19, you will just know. What have you done to earn your place in the New World?

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Dr. Monica M. Burns, PhD is a Spiritual Counselor.