Today, the job of advertising has become so complex that typically no company chooses to handle the function directly. They employ advertising agencies. And the advertising agency has become an important institution in the field of advertising and marketing.

The advertiser-advertising agency relationship is a fundamental aspect of advertising management. Only when the advertiser and the advertising agency work closely and collaborate with each other, the advertising function can be carried out effectively and successfully. Collaboration cannot be limited to the mechanics of ad development; it has to permeate the entire task of marketing communications.

The company and the agency should work together on media selection, theme development, message construction, and copy development. It is essential that the agency has all the relevant information about the firm, its products and markets, the consumer, the competition and the channels. The agency must become an "insider" and at the "investigation stage"; Full collaboration should be established between the company and the agency.

The agency must also have a correct idea of ​​the marketing and communication objectives of the company; how a particular product / brand is positioned or proposed to be positioned, and how the company conceives and manages the other elements of the marketing mix, such as distribution and pricing.

In the modern context, knowledge of only advertising-related matters is not enough for an advertising agency to be successful. You must have a comprehensive appreciation for all aspects of marketing. Advertising agencies have to gain more and more professional experience, once again, not only in matters related to advertising, but also in all aspects of marketing. They must appreciate that advertising is a marketing method. Their advertising effectiveness would be proportional to the extent to which they are aware of the general dimensions of marketing,

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