ADD & ADHD Treatment
In Only 3-6 Sessions

Naturally overcome ADD & ADHD in children, teenagers and adults. Stop taking stimulant drugs and medication like Ritalin, Adderall, and Dexedrine.

Instead of trying to manage and deal with the signs and symptoms like a hyperactive mind, impulsiveness and inattentiveness, you’ll find out that these labels are simply untrue:

Through EXTENSIVE RESEARCH and EXPERIENCE, most of Giovanni’s clients who claim to have these disorders and learning disabilities simply learn and communicate differently than what is taught in most schools.

Here’s The Truth: These clients are extremely smart, focused, creative and productive when they learn and communicate visually and/or kinesthetically (with their body) on activities that they enjoy.

Stephan Tonti also gave a TED talk describing that ADHD is a difference in cognition, not a disorder:

Giovanni gives his clients the best visual and kinesthetic learning and communication strategies.

Clients experience increased self-esteem, confidence, and perform better on many school, work, and social related tests and activities.

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Tony Robbins’ Trained Giovanni Maccarrone is The Best Life Coach in Toronto:

Get happy, fearless and high self-esteem. Quit smoking, lose weight, overcome social anxiety, addictions & bad habits, and make money. OCD and ADD Treatment, Couples Therapy and Relieve Stress in only 3-6 sessions.

“I’ve seen many psychologists, counsellors, therapists and mental health practitioners, but with Giovanni my ENERGY, OUTLOOK, and ATTITUDE CHANGED COMPLETELY after just one session. Giovanni is quick, authentic, and warm. I highly recommend him!” – Esperanza

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