On a daily basis we are bombarded with information. Information that will be useful at some point along the journey of development. Then there’s information that may stagnate ones development. You know the information that I’m talking about. This is the very information that will stop you dead in your tracks. More bills in the mail when you could have sworn that you just paid everything off just last week. How about the correspondence letter indicating that your insurance premiums will be increased? Then there’s the call from the school informing you that the little has been acting out again. Goodness grief! Will it ever stop? These situation and occurrences are real to many households regardless of income, sex, age, ethnicity, and/or religion. What is one to do with all of the information that filters the mind?

So you’ve come along way from the past. Jumped many hurdles and dodged thousands upon thousands of obstacles head on in order to create and maintain your vision. But the universe continues to send information your way that’s not reflective of your creation. In creating and maintaining our vision it is vital that one remembers that the universe is in control of all the information that’s nicely presented to us in the form of a crisis. This may sound a bit weird, but yes the same universal law that granted our affirmations, bestows upon us various situations to keep us in alignment with our vision.

Our job is to handle these situations not so much in a “what next” mind frame, but from a mind set that remembers the universal law of “this to shall pass”. Since the universe responds to our non verbal and verbal thoughts we must me willing to reaffirm our vision when things appear a bit rough. So the next time your standing in line at the supermarket and the person in front of you has not decided whether he/she will buy the ground beef or keep the tuna that’s not on sale, remember the vision that you have created for yourself; and maintain your commitment to that vision because “ this to shall pass”.

Today's Black Butterfly Thought for Positive Living

Creating the vision is only part of my journey. Maintaining the vision is my lifetime commitment.

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Black Butterfly Inspirational Seminars & Consulting

Simply Denise – Motivational Speaker/ Training & Development Consultant

A graduate of Marist College SIMPLY holds a Bachelors degree in Organizational Leadership & Communications. She is a multitalented entrepreneur whose passion and purpose in life is to motivate others to accept constructive change as a tool for unleashing their hidden gifts. With a long back ground in the social service sector, SIMPLY has worked with various non-profit and public social service organizations in New York City as well as Dutchess County. Her commitment for excellence goes beyond the organizational arena and directly into her own back yard.

SIMPLY is the founder and CEO of Black Butterfly Inspirational Seminars & Consulting, an organization that provides motivational seminars and training/Development workshops designed for Direct Care Professionals working in community based agencies. She faced the insurmountable challenges that come with life and living, SIMPLY has risen from child abuse, drug abuse, domestic altercations, and defeated homelessness head on in spite of the barriers.

She’s made a name for herself within the speaking and business arena with the assistance of Hunt’s Point Women’s Business Resource Center and distinguished members of Toastmasters International Speakers Association. Since starting BBISC in 2003, SIMPLY has spoken or presented workshops at an array of community events throughout New York City.

She’s made it quiet clear that she has more than a dream, she has a clear vision. Her words and grace inspire all to become change agents. SIMPLY is an emerging leader with a bright future in public speaking & Consulting. Simply will continue her academic studies at Milano- The New School for Management& Urban Policy in the spring of 2009 to complete her masters degree in Organizational Change Management with a focus on change management in social service sectors.