What are the things that you should avoid when repainting your kitchen cabinets?
1. Not removing the drawers and the doors
If you don’t remove the kitchen cabinet doors and drawers, you will spend a lot of time trying to paint the areas around the hinges. You simply need to remove the drawers and the doors of your cabinets to repaint them well.

2. Not labeling drawers and doors
If you want to have an easy time, then you should label the doors and the drawers when removing them. Remember, assembling them back might be hard if you are unsure of where they belong.
3. Not cleaning the wood before painting
One of the worst things that you can do is to start painting your kitchen cabinets without cleaning them. Of course, the paint will not be as shiny as it should be because of the dirt covering the cabinets. You should wipe your cabinets clean before you start painting them.
4. You skip sanding
Another common mistake that people do is to skip the sanding process. Even if your cabinets look new, you need to sand them. Sanding helps to make the paint stick. A sandpaper of 150 or 200 grit is ideal for sanding your kitchen cabinets.
5. You don’t consider the theme of your kitchen
When you want to paint your kitchen cabinet, do not just consider the color of the cabinets in isolation. This can be disastrous for your kitchen’s theme if you did not look at the colors wholesomely. You must consider the overall theme as you choose your painted kitchen cabinet colors. If you are unsure, pick the antique white color, which matches most kitchen themes. https://www.cabinetdiy.com/painted-kitchen-cabinets

6. Rushing the process
Another mistake that people do is to rush the process and expect great results. You need to be keen on what you are doing and avoid unnecessary rush.
7. Not giving them enough time to dry
It is very tempting to think that the work is complete and that it is time to return the drawers and the doors of the cabinet. Well, just be patient and wait for the painted kitchen cabinets to dry completely. Paint can take a few days to dry completely.
You should avoid these common mistakes if you want your painted kitchen cabinets to be wonderfully amazing.

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It’s probably that time that you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen. Repainting the kitchen cabinets is one of the most obvious options that you have. However, you must be really careful with your painted kitchen cabinets if you want to have an amazing remodeling experience.