The seasons change. Snakes shed their old skins. Business comes and goes. New products age in the blink of an eye. Merchants used to sell on the streets, now they sell on what some call the internet highway.

However, one thing remains unchanged: for traders around the world, free trading accounts are not free. Forever. No matter where you look, there is no such thing as a free merchant account. However, this should not deter traders from applying for a free trading account. Find out the 5 reasons why you should choose a free merchant account for your merchant account needs.

1. Affordable setup

Startups are always striving to save money. Most cannot even spend the money necessary to obtain their own merchant account; They could even be rejected if they try. A free merchant account is the easy solution to process payments online at affordable prices; in fact, some vendors release merchants from setup fees! That is a gift for you!

2. Open to all companies

Do you have a pharmacy, travel, online gaming or adult entertainment business and want to do business online? Due to the nature of your business, classified as high risk due to the increased risk of fraud, applying for your own merchant account will be next to impossible unless you apply for a free merchant account. A free merchant account sets more relaxed rules for businesses, and some actually specialize in high-risk businesses. Paperwork is minimal with free business accounts; it's not free, but it's definitely easy.

3. 24 hours

Have you ever heard of companies that apply for a merchant account at 9 AM and sell before the day is out? No, that is not a rumor. It is true for the free merchant account. Due to less paperwork and more lenient rules, approvals take less than 24 hours.

4. International market

Selling on the international market has its pros and cons. However, the fact that it improves cash flow cannot be discounted, and with millions of buyers, one can easily ignore the downsides. Have you ever wanted to sell to Australia? UNITED KINGDOM? Or in any country on the planet, no matter how big or small a point is in the world, a free merchant account gives you the ability to safely sell to a larger market. It's better than building a store in the middle of nowhere.

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The hardest step in setting up a high risk merchant account is qualifying for it. Business account providers will evaluate your credit report and previous business accounts you have.